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Hello! I’m Amy Segreti, and I help people honor their inner compass, craft their day from the inside out, connect with fellow world-loopers, and weave their unique selves into their daily rhythm.

That means living all of myself, in every moment (and even on my business card):


The practice is constant, of course.

The dance of forgetting and remembering is a uniquely human experience—to accept that and wear out my dancing shoes anyway is what I practice.

I start granularly, by noticing in every moment. My work revolves around enhancing and beautifying communication, connection and self-expression. I strive to live each day with joyful discipline and intentional indulgence.

This site is definitely for you if:

To get started on Live All of You, you can:

  • read my recent writing. Head to the Live All of You blog, my Huffington Post author page, or my Medium page.
  • find me on social media. Facebook | Twitter | Instagram
  • find me in human form. My soul base is Boulder, Colorado, but I travel regularly and spend 1/3 of my time in NYC, working in coworking spaces and cafés. Both places are great for having coffee, wine or dinner with me!
  • upgrade your daily productivity in an intentional way. Check out my handcrafted Holistic Day Design packet. It’s only $19 for Winter 2015!
  • hire me as your editor, productivity coach or self-expression guide. Visit my work with me page.
  • spend a weekend with me upleveling your life in Boulder! Check out my new one-on-one, exclusive retreat: The Revive & Strategize Weekend.

I created Live All of You because I deeply believe that everyone deserves to know and live their fullest expression—because no one else can. And because I need to, and I must stay consistently activated and dedicated to it—or risk being swallowed by inertia.

As I grow and learn myself, I’d love to help you shift from just-living to inspired, immersive, full-throttle living.

Some of my offerings include one-on-one coachinghigh-level editing, my Holistic Day Design system, somatic movement, personal development, and other things that foster greater connectedness with ourselves and the world.

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