3 Things I Need in My Workday: Making, Managing & Magic

There are three things I need in my workday: making, managing and magic.

Here’s how I weave them all in—or better put, how they weave together to create me and my expression every day.

1) Making


Making something every day is vital to my life force, health and sanity.

It doesn’t matter if it’s building a hula hoop, cooking a delicious breakfast, whipping up a new face creme, learning a new style of dance (creation in the form of expression), or writing a manifesto on editing.

Creativity is what my soul hears when people say “productivity.” It is connection to Source, to nature, to all beings.

It begins with a deep breath into my essence, and manifests as the exhalation of it into the world.

2) Managing

Let me put it this way: I am in no danger of overworking. :)

And while creative, blissful play is a hearty soup for the soul, stagnation is its dark side—and if I’m not careful, I can find myself stewing there too often.

I need systems to help me stay focused on my soul work. I believe there is such a thing as joyful discipline, and my self-made holistic day design sheets help remind me that there is much freedom in structure.

3) Magic


Magic cannot be forced. Magic must come from a desire to see the world in a new way, to open our hearts and be vulnerable.

For me, magic comes from joyful exploration. If you find yourself clinging to the idea that magic must come to you today, it cannot come. Magic is repelled by those who hunt it.

Magic cannot be prey—it is against its nature.

Magic falls in love with the heart that is wild, the mind that is free, the body that is present.

Magic is receptivity’s twin, silliness’ ally, mischievousness’ partner in crime.

What are the three things you need in your workday to be your full self? Let me know!

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