Align With the Moon Cycles to Enhance Your Productivity

moon cycle productivity

Sept. 1 is the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo, which marks the beginning of a new cycle.

“What is planted here can catch and grow in the waxing light to come,” says Laura Larriva. “Solar eclipses block the force of the solar radiation enough to reset our consciousness here on earth. We have space to intend anew, and what we intend, we receive. This is practical magic.”

Living and working in flow with the cycles of nature can help us reclaim and feel parts of our essence that might otherwise get lost in the day-to-day battle to get things done.

To honor this flow, I’m offering you my handcrafted Moon Cycle Work Flow sheet for free. (This sheet can also be found in my Holistic Day Design packet.)

Access your free Moon Cycle Work Flow sheet instantly:

moon cycle productivity sheet

How can the Moon Cycle sheet assist your work flow?

Here’s how to use it:

The New Moon is also known as the Dark Moon. This is a great time to rejuvenate by going inward, evaluating your needs, listening to your intuition and letting go of things that aren’t in service to your highest Self.  You might have some ideas of seeds to plant during this time, and you would record these thoughts in the Ideation section at the top.

The Waxing Moon turns us more upbeat and energetic with a focus on creation and putting things into action. What plans can you actualize to move your New Moon vision forward? This is where a “to-do” style list under Creation becomes more appropriate.

The Full Moon is a time to reap your rewards and birth your vision into the world and connect/celebrate with community. The Full Moon is bright, visionary, inspired and outward. What do you want to remember and honor during this time of birth and flourishing? Write that down under Celebration.

The Waning Moon draws us back into a resting state with diminishing energy. The beauty of this time is that we are self-reflective but also more detail-oriented. It is during this time that we return to the to-do list format, but rather than from a place of creation, we think about things that we’d like to clear or remove from our lives to make room for the new energy. What needs completion? Write this next to Clearing.

Access your free sheet above! <3

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