3.5 Tips to Be Productive While Traveling | Avocado Mornings #1

Now presenting my new media series: Avocado Mornings!

Some people need coffee. I need nature’s butter. These videos/audios are filled with tried-and-true tips, strategies and perhaps ridiculous fun things I can’t anticipate, all to help you (and me) live a more authentic, expansive life.

This week’s episode: I just got a lot of shit done while traveling for 2.5 weeks. Here’s how I did it. (Below, I list the bite-sized versions—watch the video for elaboration, bad lighting, various “um”s, and my shirt falling off).

1) Signing up to speak in front of a room full of people about your business is a fun way of not letting yourself forget about your work…

2) Cowork. I love coworking for many reasons I’ve written about here and here, and I’ve been interviewed about it here. Here’s the one reason I haven’t talked about. Hint: the Power of Paying.

3) Find accomplices. Stalk them to their work.

3b) Utilize Monday Energy—follow its flow onward!

Things I mention in this episode:

Sylvia Ferrero: Rockstar Goddess who kicks booties and opens hearts
Andrew Hyde: Vagabond, minimalist and badass volleyball player
Manifesting Course: Make big shifts in your life, love and business (starts at $47)

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