Behind the Scenes: How I Add Value to My Coaching with Show Notes

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One of the biggest (and most fun) ways I add value to my coaching practice actually happens after our call or in-person jam sesh is over.

After every session, I email what I call “show notes” to my clients.

Show notes is a term often used in podcasting, and refers to the collection of links, references, books, and other topics discussed on a podcast that aren’t spelled out, letter by letter, for the listener to write down. Instead, the audience can go directly to the podcaster’s website for all of these links, together in one post.

When I’m on a coaching call, I don’t want to be wasting his/her time by spelling out every link or contact email.

And honestly—I’m a writer, and I find that processing the call afterward allows me to think of helpful things I may not have gotten to mention during the call. I also love feeling like I’m adding more value in one, easy-to-find place.

A phone conversation can easily be forgotten. But when I email someone my notes on the entire conversation, they have a keepsake they can always refer to.

I help people do meaningful work without compromise, so a lot of my coaching sessions are with entrepreneurs (or budding ones) and center around similar themes—holistic productivity, self-nourishment, joyful discipline, starting or rebranding websites and businesses that represent people’s authentic gifts, etc.

Here are the common topics I include in my follow-up emails:
  • Ideas for self-branding and positioning (or, redefining/recrafting)
  • Ideas for marketing in fresh ways
  • Contacts/websites/articles we mentioned
  • Your goal in the next [x days/weeks]
  • Your homework for our next call
  • Your personalized productivity sheet
  • Your prescription for an ideal work week

Sometimes it will take up to 1-2 additional hours to flesh out these topics fully. But I love doing it, because it rounds out the session for me, helps me feel like I’m providing a ton of value, and leaves the client with a resource they can refer to forever.

Including these touches will help build out the relationship between you and your client, assuring them that you’re forming an intimate alliance in support of their success.

(If you’re interested in productivity coaching, expression therapy or couples’ coaching with me, head over here.)

BONUS! If you are a coach, here are my tips for adding this to your practice:
  1. write everything down with a pen, in a notebook; this way, the sound of you typing isn’t distracting to your client (I’ve found that even if you mention that’s what you’re doing, it still detracts from the sense that you’re giving them your full 100% attention)
    • if you’re on video, periodically let them see you taking notes, as they’ll notice you looking down and away from the screen; when in doubt, full transparency is best
  2. plan in a personal extra hour after your coaching to create this document for your client; just trust me, it’s the best time. You might need to charge more for your session to cover this time, but the value you deliver to your client will be more than worth it.
  3. add meaningful, integrative homework: ensure your client gets their work done by the next time you talk—this also encourages a next conversation if you feel your client could benefit from it.

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