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Your Ticket to a Freedom-Filled Life: Start a Website in 7 Mins

freedom filled life how to start a website

I want to share with you one of the biggest ways I add more independence, creative freedom, empowerment and fulfillment to my life.

This has honestly been the “ticket” to the life I was wanting but not fully living, and has been paying dividends for a couple of years now.

Today, I want to show exactly (complete with screenshots!) how to get it—by starting a website that honors your authenticity in 7 minutes.

Your #1 ticket is your website.

If you put the energy, heart and soul into a website that reflects who you are and what you can offer in the world, the life you want is within reach.

This is not about having a 4-hour workweek; though some weeks might end up like that, you’ll definitely be putting in the hours to make this work.

Even as someone who runs a Manifest Like a Mofo course, I’m here to tell you—manifesting and “doing the work” aren’t really that dissimilar.

The thing is, you need both: intention and action. You need the woo-woo and the work—you can’t have one or the other and expect the full-blown, inspiring results you have your heart set on. If it makes you more comfortable, you can call woo-woo “commitment,” or what have you.

Whatever way you sling it, your intention channeled through action will show the universe exactly what you want.

If you are willing to be vulnerable, to be of service to others, and to stay passionate (and figure out what can bring you back to that place when you forget)—you’ll receive it.

You might think building a website is a huge endeavor. I’m not going to lie to you—it can be. But the sooner you get over your feelings of overwhelm and get something out there, the faster you’ll start to see results and start living the life you really want.

Whether you want to start building out your first-and-last-name domain name, or you’re ready to start an online niche site from a burst of lightning idea that keeps wanting to be birthed—here’s how you can get your business off the ground and in the air in 7 minutes or less.

To make it fun, we’ll set a timer and countdown from 7:00 minutes. Aaaaand go!

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On Clearing Out the Old: The Universe is Your First Responder

I’m not sure why I picked that particular moment—lying in the grass, sunshine ablaze on my eyelids—but I decided that this would be a great time to call Capital One.

I’ve been trying to clear out old shit (that’s the only word that applies) when it comes to money, to increase its attraction to me and my bank account. I’ve been wanting new writing/editing projects lately, and clearing out the old is a pretty good place to start when feeling stuck in the quicksand of broke.

I had been avoiding Capital One since April. That’s five months. Five months spent dreading the call, thinking I would have to muster up anger, self-righteousness, and immerse myself in the hard stance of: “Give me your higher up who can tell me yes!”

That’s such an unnatural state for me. I prefer bliss and harmony. I’m kind of a happy hippie.

I had been mysteriously collecting late fees, which was odd because I never use the card. What could the fees be on $0?

It has been a long time since high school, but I am pretty sure 0 x 0 = 0. Also, 0 \ 0 = 0. Other things like that. So, why was this different?

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