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The Word “Retired” Should Be Just That

I’m in Spain, buying too many books in Castellano, drinking too much coffee (and wine and sidra and vermut and…), and really allowing myself to indulge in play. Lunch at 4 with wine? Sure. Gluten? Dairy? Pile ’em on top of each other and send them my way.

In terms of a more healthy type of play, yesterday I acquired a bicycle from the generous owner of La Bicicleta Cycling Cafe & Workspace, which I can borrow until I leave in 5 days.


I realized I had never biked in Madrid before—and I lived here for almost a year. I’m excited to combine my passions in a way I never have before—in this case, being in a world brimming with my favorite other language, and of exploring that world by bike.

Bicycling creates a flow, an ease, a rooted nugget of pleasure inside of me that can cancel out the negative outcomes of unexpected diversions. And in Spain, there are many: restaurants not opening when they say they will, losing something (my laptop sleeve now lives in Barcelona), machines eating your credit card at the train station then shutting down completely, clearly satisfied to have a siesta after eating your delicious only way of paying for things. Sigh.

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On Receiving Praise (And What “Live All of You” DOESN’T Mean) | Avocado Mornings #6

Hello! I am going to Spain in a few days and that is pretty much all I can think about. However, I managed to express something else in this video—what I definitely DO NOT mean when I say “live all of you.”

Plus, I share a beautiful note I received from Christian in China about the idea of living all of yourself (also a personal exercise in receiving praise, which I sometimes have trouble with).

In this episode, I talk about:

  • How to receive praise
  • The importance of expressing yourself
  • What I don’t mean by “live all of you”
  • Taking inventory of your feelings in the moment
  • Giving gratitude for your side work (like Marie Forleo talks about: B Jobs!)

Next time: See you from España!

3.5 Tips to Be Productive While Traveling | Avocado Mornings #1

Now presenting my new media series: Avocado Mornings!

Some people need coffee. I need nature’s butter. These videos/audios are filled with tried-and-true tips, strategies and perhaps ridiculous fun things I can’t anticipate, all to help you (and me) live a more authentic, expansive life.

This week’s episode: I just got a lot of shit done while traveling for 2.5 weeks. Here’s how I did it. (Below, I list the bite-sized versions—watch the video for elaboration, bad lighting, various “um”s, and my shirt falling off).

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Want More Money? Stop Believing That it Requires Hard Work

Yesterday, I didn’t have a dime. Literally.

On my way back to Boulder after an incredible two-week stay in NYC, I needed 10 cents. Just that, for the bus. I hunted through three bookbags, two suitcases, and two small purses. Nothing. I remember seeing coins falling a lot when I was in New York, and never stopping to pick them up. I had nothing to make $2.40 into $2.50.

The thing was, I had already been falling into poverty mindset fears on the plane ride back. And now this—my awareness showing it to me blatantly in the physical world. I would have laughed, if it weren’t freezing cold and raining.

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6 Solid Tips to Build a Rockin’ Location-Independent Brand: A Talk With Natalie Sisson, the Suitcase Entrepreneur

Natalie Sisson is crazy passionate about building amazing businesses online that you can take anywhere. She has been helping people create freedom in business and adventure in life since 2008 with her location-independent brand. We recently got a chance to sit down and chat via Skype (from Waterloo, Canada to Boulder, Colorado), and we talked about her awesome new book, The Suitcase Entrepreneur, based on her business and website.


Natalie, you offer an incredible amount of free information on how people can choose freedom in their lives and business and really implement those values into their lives. How do you convert people to readers (and buyers) of your book when you already offer so much on your blog for free?

Well, thank you! While I do believe in repurposing content, I wrote most of the book from scratch. It’s mostly all new material. I even read it afterward and thought, I’m not even following all this advice myself! [laughs] But really, people have seen how much I give—90% of what I do is free. So it felt necessary to condense it all down into 300+ pages. It’s $7 on Kindle, and one of my clients who’s taken a lot of courses said she learned thousands of dollars worth of information. I was worried that my book was too comprehensive, hitting on a lot of things, but I think with the three Acts the book is divided into, I managed to combine all of them really well.

Tip #1: Consistently offer tons of free information on your blog to keep people involved and engaged.

I know you Kickstarted your book to the tune of $9,400. How did Kickstarter help with your marketing?

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