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3 Things I Need in My Workday: Making, Managing & Magic

There are three things I need in my workday: making, managing and magic.

Here’s how I weave them all in—or better put, how they weave together to create me and my expression every day.

1) Making


Making something every day is vital to my life force, health and sanity.

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How to Be a Local Anywhere (The Techniques I Use Every Time I Travel)

This is a topic that I’m asked about very frequently, so I thought I’d do a video while I was traveling in Hawaii, staying with my sister and her family for a long Winter retreat!

This is the exact process I use when I’m doing research on a new place I’m traveling to. It involves layering a couple of techniques together and balancing them according to:

  • validity (You hate your mom’s taste in coffee, and she’s recommending a coffee shop. I love you, but sorry mom!)
  • quality (If it’s online research you’re doing, is it a reputable site? Are the reviewers or critics paid and/or reputable… or are they interns who haven’t visited the place they’re writing about?)
  • source (If it’s a person you’re asking, do they know a lot about what you want to experience or learn about?)

Check out the video for my tips and technique!

Also, I realize this is heavily restaurant/wine bar/coffeeshop based… but those are some of the things I love the most when I travel. Local food is at the heart of every vibrant place, and also at the center of social situations where you can really get to know the local culture. So, enjoy!

Video Show Notes

Make sure you watch the video above for elaboration on the following:

#1: Ask yourself: What does local mean to you?

You have to be specific. Do you want to go to a local dive bar or a local hip-hop club? It’s not really about gathering all your ideas and sticking to that itinerary, because you always want to leave space for your explorer mind to turn on and find magic.

#2: The Google guru.

Use the exact phrase you might be looking for—like “hipster neighborhood best coffeeshop Sao Paolo”— and you’ll likely find that someone has written about this.

Check your references: The New York Times writes decent “36 Hours in X City” pieces; Eater is a great place to find food “heat maps.”

Let’s say after this initial soft round of research, you’ve got five hot spots…

3) Yelp all of them.

Of course, do this with a grain of salt. Know why there are 1-star reviews—it usually has to do with the experience, especially if it’s a place that gets mostly 5-stars.

Another top tip: Stalk a reviewer that you like. If you agree with what they have to say, see what else that person has reviewed where you’re going.

4) Ask friends and family who live locally.

Again, note the grain of salt factor. But, be open to their suggestions after sharing with them a little about what you look for—they probably know of something that no one else does.

5) Ask the experts.

When I go anywhere, I ask my local barista at Ozo in Boulder, Greg, if he’s been to the location I’m going and if he knows of the best coffee roasters wherever I’m going. He inevitably has 1-3 recommendations for me, and they’ve always been solid.


Tie your research phase into your excitement about the trip! Use a tool you like, perhaps Evernote or TripIt, to organize your ideal activities. And have fun with it.

I’m Discontinuing My Coaching and Course. Here’s Why.

I want to write you an honest letter about “coaching.”

It seems to me that the word has become diluted.

In some forms, coaching has become another way sell a quick fix—to sell the belief that if you pay for an hour of coaching, what you want to be “fixed” will automatically be fixed.

First of all, that’s a lot of pressure on a coach! Second of all, it’s practically impossible.

Anyone who tells you they can transform your life in 60 minutes is selling you a lie.

And, it might not be on purpose. There are people you can spend an hour with who can completely shift your perspective, calling you to your gifts and how to live your life through them, showcase them and offer them up for value in the world…

But that still takes work, time and energy after the session is over.

Someone looking for an hour-long quick fix with no additional input or intention afterward is not going to find what they’re looking for.

Because the only person who can transform your life is you.

And so, in an effort to dive into and evaluate this, I’m putting my one-time coaching and current course on indefinite hold.


I want to offer more value to people, I want to put less pressure on myself, and I want to feel valued in what I’m offering—to the point where I don’t have to constantly market or cobble together one-time clients to make an income for myself.

Besides, for most coaches, a one-hour session isn’t just that hour. It’s at least an hour of preparation beforehand, perhaps sending a client a questionnaire and reviewing it, perhaps more. Then, it’s maybe 30 minutes each way of transit time to and from the session if it’s in-person (a lot of mine are). Then, it’s another hour of writing and curating a follow-up email with action steps, strategies and notes from our session as a keepsake.

That’s four hours minimum of work, not counting the marketing to reach that client.

I also often discount my one-time session coaching (another dilution I’m stopping), depending on the circumstances.

Which often means I end up not feeling valued, because I’m not valuing my work at the level I need to be. And this translates to the client not receiving optimal value either.

This work is valuable, but I have little space to do it if I’m worrying about making a sale every time I send an email.

So. I’m discontinuing my coaching and current course indefinitely.

And I’m offering a one-price package in case you want to grab them before I take them offline on Jan. 1.

One price. Three things. No other options.

You’ll get:

  1. My Manifest Like a Mofo 9-week online course (Cost: $188)
  2. A 60-min Coaching Session to be used before Jan. 15, 2016 (Cost: $200)
  3. My Holistic Day Design Productivity Atlas* (Cost: $21)

That totals to $409.

Right now, you can grab all three for $177. You can also gift them to someone.

coaching package 2015Here’s the only link to grab the $177 package. That’s my final offer.

Also, if you don’t use your coaching session before Jan. 15, 2016, it will disappear into the ether (which is the same place it will go if you aren’t ready to put in the work after the session is over). :)

(*I am going to keep offering my Holistic Day Design packet and my Revive & Strategize Weekend, but those will be undergoing some major renovations in the coming months.)

I cannot even explain how freeing and exciting and nerve-wracking this feels inside me. How terrifying, really. I’m someone who believes in money channels. That money flows through us via channels, and we can turn them on and off… And, I ask myself: Do I really want to close off this channel? What if another one doesn’t open up?

And yet… I can’t help noticing the feeling of freedom and aliveness writing this to you.

So, I’m doing it.

To open up to new ways of being and offering, and really focusing on what I want to share and create that can be of immense value.

Here’s to an amazing 2016.

The Holidays With Loved Ones: 15 Questions Worth Asking at The Table


Since my last post, Thanksgiving and Gratitude: Four Real Questions Worth Asking at The Table, turned out to be wildly popular, I decided to post more questions to help you go deeper with your loved ones during the holidays (or any time!).

It is my belief that through self-inquiry and self-expression—in both solitude and community—we can learn to thrive as our whole selves in the world.

Here are 15 questions to help you do that.

Of them, some are sourced from the If: Gathering and spiced with my own flavor, and some are purely from my own inspiration.

Want these in card form? Check out my Collaborative Inquiry Deck!


1) If we could pull up one more chair at the table, who would you invite? Why?
2) What is one thing we don’t know about you that you hold sacred?
3) What is trying to be born through you?
4) What are you learning about yourself right now?
5) What are some words that you want to describe this season of your life?
6) Tell a story about an answered prayer or desire that felt magical to you.
7) What makes it easier for you to connect to the Divine?
8) What is one thing that keeps you from being truly authentic with others?
9) What are you believing right now that you know isn’t true?
10) What is one area of your life where you need more strength and support?
11) Share a time when someone else’s honesty gave you permission to be honest.
12) What are you avoiding right now that is important to you?
13) What one thing in your life do you feel like quitting?
14) How have you loved someone in the details of their life lately?
15) What’s one thing you sense the Divine is asking you to do?


Get Ready to Light Up 2016 With Love, Bliss & Abundance

2016 is right around the corner. Are you where you want to be in your business, life and relationships? Are you even close?

If not, you’re far from alone. And I want to help.

If you want your New Year’s resolutions to stick or you need a clearer blueprint or strategic push toward expanding your life, love and business—come revive and strategize with me in ‪Boulder‬.

I’ll wine and dine you, and help you get back on track in a big way.

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Is something *always* the problem? Then you can guarantee it’s not.


It’s Wisdom Bomb Wednesday!

If these sound familiar…

  • I always date people who are xyz.
  • My clients always do xyz to me!
  • Whenever I go home, my family and I always get into xyz.

Consider this: 

If something is always the problem—your partner, your work, your money—it’s not the problem. (Click to tweet!)

(What is the solution? What it almost always is: Self-inquiry.)

Movement as Meditation: An Homage to My Yoga Practice (and An Announcement)


I attended a Zen Buddhism class once in which the instructor said that yoga was “not a great form of meditation.” We were in a yoga studio.

But for me, yoga is embodied meditation.

Author and Conscious Lover Kathlyn Hendricks once told me:

We start by whatever door we come in.

For me, movement is not a distraction. It’s a vehicle for me to move in more deeply.

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Turn On Your Explorer Mind


This week, I’m headed to World Domination Summit in Portland, where I’ll meet 2,999 like-minded people—but, I’m flying sola, which is a thing I don’t do very often. My partner in crime is long distance (or what we like to call “medium distance,” since we’re blessed to see each other so often), and the reasons we have for 95% of our travel are intertwined with seeing each other.

This week, it’s just me. Especially today, before the conference starts, as I write this in a beautiful café in SE Portland—it’s really just me.

A different part of our brain is activated when we’re in a new place wandering around, finding our way by ourselves. It isn’t turned on so easily at home unless we’re highly intentional about it. So often when we’re home, we operate on autopilot.

Even though I appreciate my favorite roasters and restaurants, my watery routine flows purely in the trench etched by repetition—and it requires some swishing around to shift the current.

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