Need Help Connecting This Holiday? Try My Collaborative Inquiry Deck!

Last year, I authored/collected 19 collaborative inquiry questions for your loved ones this holiday season.

They were: “Thanksgiving and Gratitude: Four Real Questions Worth Asking at The Table” and “The Holidays With Loved Ones: 15 More Questions Worth Asking at The Table.”

This year, I’ve changed some slightly and added more questions for a total of 24—and made them into cut-outable cards to pass around the table!

Get the deck!

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Here are some ways to use the deck:

  • Have everyone pick a card as they come through the door of a gathering. (This way, the question can be seated in their mind to percolate while mingling.) When it’s time to eat or sit at the table, go around and have each person answer their question.
  • Pick 1-3 questions that everyone would like to inquire on; everyone goes around and shares their answers to just those questions.
  • If you’re in a quite close-knit group, have each person pick a question for the person to their left (or for their partner, etc.).
  • Feel free to have everyone either take their card home as a keepsake, or even encourage them to make art on the back for you, so you have your own keepsake deck of your event!

It is my belief that through inquiry and expression—in both solitude and community—we can learn to thrive as our whole selves in the world.

Access the deck here (pay-what-you-want donation):

Get the deck!


Blessings. <3

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