Conscious Partnership Development

I believe that intimate relationship is a primary pathway to our greatest joy, evolution and creative expression in the world.

And something my heart yearns for is to help people achieve greater emotional fluency in their intimate partnership.

My system includes work and lessons in:

  • how to feel 100% comfortable authentically expressing yourself in relationship
  • how to use conscious communication to get closer
  • how to get creative to diffuse arguments when they start
  • how to fight clean when you’re in an argument
  • how to not use techniques for growth as weapons against each other!
  • why microscopic truth-telling matters and how to use it to boost your intimacy
  • realignment in difficult times: how to reboot a relationship
  • how to thrive in a co-creative relationship
  • how to ask for space and find find individual freedom in your relationship
  • and much more!
I’m interested in working with couples who have a deep knowing of their soul connection and view their relationship as a vehicle for growth and development, both individually and as a couple.

I believe we all have multiple soul mates—people with whom we are deeply aligned, who have things to teach us, who are members of our soul tribe.

And I believe that when we meet these people, we are given countless opportunities to grow and shift and shine light on the things inside us that hold us back from living our fullest potential.

If this sounds like it aligns with you and your partner’s beliefs, I’d love to talk to you!

This is a newer area of coaching for me, though I’ve done deep work, writing and study in this area. As such, here are my introductory prices:

  • Discovery Session (1.5 hours, required to start): $149/couple or $99/individual
  • Intention Setting Sessions (1 hour): $99/couple or $79/individual
    • These sessions are designed for new (1-2 months) relationships or for singles hoping to lay the groundwork for an intentional, powerful passionate relationship. The intention to explore, grow and learn in partnership must be strong—and the time for planting those seeds is now, now, NOW!
  • Relationship Reboot Sessions (1 hour): $129/couple or $99/individual
    • These sessions are for couples in longer-term relationships who are needing a reboot due to recurring issues getting in the way of communication, connection and love.

Email me directly to arrange a discovery session. I look forward to helping you explore your relationship with more depth, wonder and excitement.

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