Don’t start with words; start with the feeling they spring from.


Instead of word-spouting “I’m thankful for this and that” on Thanksgiving, I invite you to bypass the words, bypass the brain, and drop right into the heart.

Take two minutes, maybe even around the table, to sit in silence, let the thoughts drop away and feel the sensations in your body. Make it your priority not to think about gratitude, but to experience what it feels like in your body. In mine, it’s an expansive swelling in my heart and a surrounding warmth that buoys it. Maybe you feel something different: a loosening, a tingling, a melting.

Start with your feeling first. Then, let that feeling to spring upward toward the mind, and allow what you’re naturally, completely, undeniably grateful for fill your thoughts. Then: Say them. Say them to the people you’re thinking of, to the people you’re with, and most importantly, say them to yourself.

Happy giving of thanks. I am so grateful for my freedom, my body, my mind, my creativity, my faith in the universe and in people, and the deep connection I am able to experience with Source and with Love.

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