Editing: Manifesto & Services

In addition to editing newspapers and magazines for a decade, I’ve also done private editing consulting for the last several years. I choose projects I resonate with and authors with whom I can communicate deeply, as I fully immerse myself in these projects.

High-Level Editing

I believe your creation should be born into the world with the same insight, art and passion with which you first envisioned it. I’m here to help you translate this vision to your audience.

I’ve edited full-length non-fiction books, novels, longform articles, website copy, branding copy, and more. I am based in Boulder, Colo. and am open to working with clients in person and remotely.

My services are best suited to those who already have a strong command of the English language, in addition to an intense desire to see their final work align perfectly with the meaning and message they intended to deliver.

Topics I adore:
  • coworking / future of work / entrepreneurship
  • writing / editing/ journalism
  • biking / hiking / yoga
  • Colorado anything
  • woman empowerment / business
  • travel / community
  • food / wine / coffee
  • locavore / organic / nutrition
  • pleasure / sexuality / connection
  • communication / relationships / love
  • …and more. Just ask.

If you understand the significance of this Oscar Wilde quote (and the importance it has in your work)…

“I was working on the proof of one of my poems all the morning, and took out a comma. In the afternoon I put it back again.”

…then we might be a fantastic fit.

Pricing and Dedication

Full-length editing and writing projects with me generally start at $3,000, depending on the length, time and complexity involved. Unlike some editors, I do not include lower-end services such as “light editing.” 


I dive in fully. I am incapable of not fixing something if I see an error, an inconsistency, or anything at all that could stand to be improved (just ask my ex-boyfriends). :)

Also, I’ve found that when a “proofreading” or “copy editing” level is offered, it’s usually at a lower price point and writers often do not use them for what they are meant—which is after a full, professional edit has been done.

The terms themselves mean different things, but both proofreading and copy editing are meant to follow a thorough edit—not be substitutions for one.

High-Level Editing means total immersion in intimate, thorough engagements with the pieces and their writers, to reconstruct and elevate your writing to its highest caliber.

My work includes:
  • locating narrative holes and missing information
  • editing for clarity, consistency, redundancy, etc.
  • assistance with poetic flow and rhythm
  • doing personal interviews to aid in story enhancement
  • rigorous structural and developmental editing
  • additional research
  • editing for potential legal quandaries
  • layout and design suggestions
  • calling out highly resonant pull-quotes
  • writing additional copy as needed

I must:

  • believe strongly in the subject
  • feel the book must be delivered into the world
  • have a conscious level of communication with the author
  • be able to work flexibly within an agreed-upon deadline

If you’d like to work with me, email me directly at liveallofyou (at) gmail and tell me about your project, your budget and why we might be a great fit.

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