Fresh Ideas For a Flourishing Feminine Morning Routine (Update to ENJOY)

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A while back, I’d written about my morning routine called ENJOY; a structured but free-flowing way to start your day with ease and grace—while also remaining on task and not in a space of stagnation.

Many women have reflected to me how much they love ENJOY-ing their way into their day—but, as time has passed and I’ve practiced this more and more, I now have fresh ideas for how to ENJOY.

To jog your memory, here’s what ENJOY stands for:
  • E is for Embody
  • N is for Nourish
  • J is for Journal
  • O is for Organize
  • Y is for Yield

(Again, check out my original post if you need some examples for what those mean.)

3 things that have changed for me since I wrote my original post:

1) A small one: I now just use the command verb form of each (instead of “Embodiment” or “Nourishing”). Simpler!

2) I almost always take “O” as Organizing, not Orienting, as I mention in my original post. So in this update, I’m going to stick with this definition. (However, I’ve got some new tools for Organizing in a beautiful, conscious aligned way, so read to the end for those!)

3) I don’t stick with rigid timing anymore (even when it comes to 6 minutes). I actually pick a Pandora station I love and let it run. This of course means that I’m getting songs that are 3-4 minutes long, and so I’ll often give each piece of ENJOY two songs. (Honestly, I often will do three songs for E (Embody) because I believe in harnessing my body’s wisdom, and dancing helps me tune in more to Her.)

When I choose music this way, it feels like a lovely surprise and gift—whichever song comes up was meant to be, and I get to work with that song’s energy in whatever I’m doing.

Here are some new ways I “Organize:”

I’ve got some new tools for organizing my day that I’d love to share with you.

The two paper books (both spiral-bound) I use are the Danielle LaPorte Desire Map Planner and the We’Moon Planner.

The Desire Map Planner has tons of space to help me add to-dos as well as calendar entries for planning my day, while the We’Moon Planner (now in its 36th year of production and curated by women artists) helps me map what I want to do with the rhythms and cycles of the moon and other planetary bodies.

I also have one major update on what I do with “Y,” and it’s been helping me pull everything together lately.

Presenting: A New Way to Yield

As I mention in my original ENJOY post, “yielding” means surrendering to the divine.

[Yielding] can look like meditating, sitting in silence, visualization or just sitting in a wonder-space, dreaming up what feels right.

Yielding is what we do when we ask the question that matters, which is: “What do I want to come through me today? What would my highest Self have me do today?”

I do still ask these questions, but I do so in a more helpful and playful—that somehow feels both tangible and mystical at the same time.

How do I find my “Y”?

I read Tarot cards.

Yes, Tarot cards!

clover tarot cosmic tarot shadowscapes tarot japaridze tarot

Ever since Jan. 1, 2017, I’ve been rather obsessed with these little beauties. I’ve read oracle cards for myself for years, but never felt called to dive specifically into Tarot. Now, I can’t get enough.

I love learning new things, especially methodologies, systems and practices for connection. And, one of my words for this year is Remembrance (in addition to Oceanic and Strength). To me, this means remembering my true Self, remembering especially after I’ve forgotten, and coming back to the essence of who I am and expressing that in the world.

Tarot divination with my favorite Tarot decks helps me do all of this and more.

What are some specific things I do with Tarot cards to “Yield”?

You can research spreads online or learn how to read tarot from a book (my absolute favorite tarot book is 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card), but…

I gathered up some specific spreads—one I created myself!—and specific questions (phrasing is so important!) to ask your cards that you can get below for free.

Access my FREE tarot spreads + questions instantly:

General Tarot Resources Online

If you are interested in Tarot but don’t know where to begin, I recommend learning from these three YouTube rockstars: Avalon’s Spiritual Odyssey, Kelly-Ann Maddox (she has an amazing free Trainee Tarot Course) and Wild Moon Woman.

If you’re not a video person and prefer reading, I love the blogs of Daily Tarot Girl and Carrie Mallon.

Bonus: If you’ve read this far, I have a surprise for you.

I am offering pay-what-you-can readings to practice my Tarot game while I’m still new!

You can schedule a reading with me here if you’re into it! I’m not sure how long I’ll do the readings without charging a fixed price, so if you’re feeling it, get at it. <3

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