Harness Your Body Wisdom: The Four Phases of Your Cycle

harness body wisdom phases menstrual cycle

While attending The Artemis School in 2016 to become a certified women’s sex educator, I learned a lot about how women can deeply tap into our cycles for creativity, nourishment and greater alignment in our entire lives—from work to play, and everything in between.

I want to share this with the ladies (and gents) who don’t know.

First: We don’t just “have our period,” and the rest of the month is a steady “not on our period” time.

We actually have four distinct phases in our menstrual cycle—and they are characterized not only by bleeding/not bleeding, but hormonal shifts, bodily shifts, energy shifts and cervical fluid (to name a few). (Interested in how you can tap into your cycles for greater creativity? Scroll down to download my FREE Moon Cycle Work Flow sheet.)

These four phases of our cycle are:

1) Menstruation

This phase is characterized by: On-point intuition, low emotional/physical energy, a need for more rest, acute insight, psychic revelations. Toward the end of this period is a great time to set new intentions. Our cervical fluid tends to be dry and minimal during this time.

Think of this as the New Moon, or Winter.

Therefore, this is a great time to rejuvenate by going inward, evaluating your needs, listening to your intuition and letting go of things that aren’t in service to your highest Self. You might have some ideas of seeds to plant during the latter part of this time!

2) Follicular

This phase is characterized by: Energy (emotional and physical) rising, confidence rising, opening, swelling, greater interest in the outside world and exploration/discovery. Our cervical fluid is milky and creamy.

Think of this as the Waxing Moon, or Spring.

Therefore, we may feel more upbeat and energetic with a focus on creation and putting things into action. What plans can you actualize to move your New Moon vision forward? To-do lists and creation come on full force here.

3) Ovulation

This phase is characterized by: Strength and energy, communication at its height, emotionally soundness and security (hint: a great time to have difficult conversations!), stronger sexual arousal. Our cervical fluid has a slippery egg-white texture.

Think of this as the Full Moon, or Summer.

Therefore, this is a time to reap your cycle’s rewards and connect/celebrate with community. This phrase is bright, visionary, inspired and outward. What do you want to remember and honor during this time of birth and flourishing?

4) Luteal

This phase is characterized by: Energy declining, a pull for restoration and quiet, inward leaning, preparing your tent, mood shifts, a desire for comfort, a sense of “dying” before rebirth. Our cervical fluid can have a sticky, tacky texture.

Think of this as the Waning Moon, or Autumn.

Therefore, we’ll be drawn back into a resting state with diminishing energy. The beauty of this time is that we are self-reflective, but also more detail-oriented. It is during this time that we return to the to-do list format, but rather than from a place of creation, we think about things that we’d like to clear or remove from our lives to make room for the new energy. What needs completion?

These four phases are your menstrual cycle. You aren’t “on your cycle” when you’re bleeding.

You are, in fact, always on your cycle.

You’re only bleeding or menstruating during 1/4 (ish) of it.

Did you know all this? Did you not? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments below.

I’ve also created a worksheet for you to track your work flow along with the cycles of the moon. And it’s free! Get it below.

Access your free Moon Cycle Work Flow sheet instantly:

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