Holistic Entrepreneur Life Mastermind

Welcome to the Holistic Entrepreneur Life Mastermind!

I’d love to invite you to a 5-week program to help you reclaim your purpose and pleasure in your daily life in 2018.

If you work for yourself (or hope to) and are craving accountability, resourcing and strategy to help guide you as you move, shift and create in the world each day—the Holistic Entrepreneur Life Mastermind (HELM) is for you.

I want to help you see your day as an expansive opportunity and palate for creation, execution and success.

I want to help you feel inspired, connected, vibrant, relaxed… and however you want to feel, at the end of every workday.

I hope you’ll join us as we take this journey together.

Here are the five elements we’ll dive into each week during our virtual group circles starting Jan. 2, 2018:

Module 1: Nourishment & Boundaries

In the first module, we’ll set the stage for expansive discovery as we focus on our self-care and energetic flow. You’ll learn how to start your day off intentionally with a morning routine that will leave you feeling refreshed and aligned with your soul purpose.

Plus, we’ll introduce the Holistic Day Design process. You’ll move through creating and perfecting your unique day design atlas to truly nourish you.

Module 2: Purpose & Strategy

Next, we’ll dive into the nitty gritty of developing a strategy to execute your most precious and primal work goals—in a way that supports your full self.

We’ll also continue working the Holistic Day Design process into your life in a way that deeply supports your individual needs.

Module 3: Ritual & Resourcing

In this module, we’ll learn how to sacralize our experiences and touch into “Source” (whether you call that the Divine, God, the Universe, or Love) to ensure the results we’re manifesting are in alignment with our soul’s deepest desires.

We’ll focus on essential Spirit connection, ritual and the sacred—and how it all interweaves into a purposeful existence.

Module 4: Councilship & Community

This week, we’ll tap into the power of community and bonding with others on a similar path of pleasure and purpose. Whether it’s with friends, cohorts, partners or in-the-moment social networking—we’ll learn how to make that harmonious!

You’ll get tons of tips and resources for finding your most aligned tribe, no matter where you are in the world. Plus, you’ll receive my Relationship Revitalizer workbook to do with your closest loved ones to reinvigorate those connections.

Module 5: Pleasure & Curiosity

Finally, we’ll steer this ship right back to self-reverence and curiosity, the birth places of creativity, to avoid burnout and ensure you’re resourced for your next big thing and all of the deliciousness in your life.

You’ll learn practices to bring you back to wonder and help you take pleasure in your desires from an empowered place.

What you’ll get in the HELM program:

– 5 virtual weekly group sessions starting Jan. 2, 2018, 90 mins each, to connect and create accountability during our time together
– Group format: We’ll share updates and goals, then I’ll guide us through the most important elements of the module. We will save time for questions, reflection and feedback.
– Recordings of each call, just in case you need to miss a call or two
– Guidelines & homework to help motivate you and stay on task as we move through the five weeks
– Private forum to ask questions and stay connected during the program and after it ends
– BONUS #1: You’ll receive my full Holistic Day Design packet included with the HELM program!
– BONUS #2: You’ll receive my Relationship Revitalizer workbook included with the HELM program!

All this is valued at $900+… but coupled together in this program, it’s only a $447 investment—in your success, health, and soul nourishment.

And, if you’re among the truly committed, you can save $100 by registering by Nov. 30 and pay only $347.

Value: $900+
Now through Nov. 30: $347 –> head here to get this price!
Through Jan. 1: $447
This intimate group will be limited. Claim your spot now!

I’m looking forward to helping you view your days and your passion projects from fresh perspectives—and give you a private community to connect and collaborate with like-hearted individuals!

Have questions? Email me at liveallofyou @ gmail!