Holistic Day Design for Coworking Communities: Pilot Program

I created the Holistic Day Design packet atlas for myself and others, to help people who have the enormous blessing (and sometimes curse) of dictating their own schedule feel a sense of trust, structure and harmony in their unique, daily rhythm.

By now, you’ve probably read about how Holistic Day Design can help you as an individual or single-user.

By infusing a holistic, personal productivity system into your coworking space, you’ll create a more vibrant, engaged, dedicated community.

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How does this add up?

More member engagement + greater sense of productivity at your space = happier, loyal members!

With the Holistic Day Design pilot program, members participate in crafting their days from the inside out and sharing in the accountability they create for themselves—however much or as little as they desire.

Your members will be dedicated to your space, because they will:

  • feel more productive in their work
  • feel more balanced and nourished in their life
  • forge stronger bonds and friendships with fellow coworkers
  • have a greater sense of community in your space
  • ease into the community more smoothly by having a touchstone to talk about

The Holistic Day Design Packet consists of 28 beautiful full-color pages designed to help you view your days and your passion projects from fresh perspectives.

How does it work?

The Holistic Day Design program is offered as a perk for all members, and regular accountability gatherings will help them feel connected, engaged and productive in the community.

Members use the program to craft their days from the inside out, so they can feel more nourished and build sustainable schedules in a bossless community.

They then get to share in activities, check-ins, to-dos and work sprints centered around the worksheets.

What’s included:

  • A license to give the Holistic Day Design Packet Atlas to each individual upon becoming a member of your space. The atlas consists of 28 beautiful full-color sheets designed to help the user view their days and passion projects from fresh perspectives.
  • Access to a private community of Holistic Day Design users from all around the world, from New Zealand to Canada to the U.S. to Spain.
  • An easy way for you, your staff and members to connect with other like-minded and like-hearted individuals in your community.
Apply here if you’re interested in finding out more!

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