Holistic Productivity: How to Design Your Day to Nourish You (Or: Get Shit Done and Still Go to Yoga)

Being that I travel only slightly less often than a pilot, I’ve needed to find ways to be productive when I have little-to-no daily routine to count on.

I’ve tried plenty of online and offline tools for self-management. Sometimes they work for a while; sometimes they don’t get past the starting line. If trust is lost early (i.e., an app doesn’t cross-platform sync during the first five minutes of use), it’s dead to me.

What I found I wanted most was to trust myself: to not give over my power to one system, but to learn how to trust my internal compass to direct me to how I was meant to move, shift and create in the world each day.

In an effort to create space for this, I’ve been crafting my own personal day design system all year. They are experiments in finding joy and freedom in discipline.

My method involves a yin, feminine approach to productivity, giving the user a new way to look at a single day—as an expansive opportunity and palate for creation.

I wrote an in-depth article on how I created my main pieces for Productivityist.

And, you can also pick them up in a neat packet for $14.

Now, I’d love to give you a quick tour of some of these experiments.

So far, I’ve designed:

1. “Today, I Create” Day Design Sheets

experiment 2 today i create day design


  • What do I want to create/divine/channel/manifest/heal today? 
  • What things do I need to clear today? (What’s blocking my energy?)
2. Amydoros: A Self-Competitive To-Do List

Gives you:

  • A high-spirited way to dive into tasks you may have been putting off
  • A surprise: how little time it takes you to do things you thought would take way longer
3. Customized Wildly Productive Day Sheets

experiment 1 WPD system day design


  • How do I want to feel at the end of the day?
    • My answers: Peaceful. Light-hearted. Fulfilled. Inspired. Connected to Source.
  • What activities can I do during this day that will give me the highest probability of feeling this way?
    • Things that are of the utmost importance for me include: Creation (writing, and projects such as this one); Reading (studying language, fiction); Movement (exercise, yoga, hiking); Inspiration (ideation, conscious consuming); Admin/earthly (errands, email, calls); Nourishment (home, wandering, connecting)
To Done! A List of What You’ve Already Done Today

to done list

Gives you:

  • A sense of success at task-mastering
  • Faith in yourself to accomplish things
This is just a brief sampling of the 10+ sheets you’ll get (I constantly add more, and don’t often raise the price) in your Holistic Productivity Packet.

After months of working with these systems, I’m now loving making these for others and giving people a new way to design their days: from a real place inside them that allows space for aligned creation, clearing blocks and experiencing exactly what they want to feel, every day.

How to get them? There are two ways:

1) I offer $47 consultations to create your ideal day design and build unique, tangible, customized productivity sheets for you. Email me to schedule a consult and walk away with holistic ways to incorporate productivity into your day—no matter your schedule.

2) Or, you can buy the full uncustomized PDF packet of them for $14. I just leave empty slots for you to add your own activities, if you already have a handle on what keeps your heart singing and your pockets full.

This has been a really fun, quiet project of mine for months now. I’m happy to finally share it!

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