Make it Worth It! A 10-Day Workshop to Keep IndieCon Energy Flying High

You went to IndieCon NYC 2014 to make meaningful connections, learn how to be a better boss to yourself, and kick ass doing what you love in the world.

Why stop after the weekend is over?

Keep the synergy of IndieCon going long after the weekend by intentionally integrating it into your life during this 10-day online workshop from Oct. 20 – 29, 2014!

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Here’s the thing:

When conferences end, we often end up in one of two places:

  1. the land of forgetting—or avoidance—by not applying what we’ve learned and letting ourselves drown in catchup emails or “maintenance” work, or
  2. the land of overwhelm—wanting to contact everyone and their mother who gave you a business card, without any solid intention

As inspired independents and entrepreneurs, we really want to make sure the awesome, motivating things we do really get synched into our full-time lives.

This workshop is designed to take what you imbibed during the conference and use it to foster lasting connections and meaningful results in your business and life.

For $1 per day, you’ll get 10 days of inspired, intentional action to ensure your time at IndieCon is fully integrated in your life.

I’ve led this workshop before, after World Domination Summit 2014 (unaffiliated). Here’s what one woman had to say just after receiving Day 1 of my last program:

I signed up for this because I’m notorious for going to a conference, and afterwards I’m so exhausted that by the time I get back to work, I’ve forgotten everything I’ve learned and who I wanted to connect with. I can tell you I’ve already received an awesome email with action items, and the private group looks like it’ll be really useful for support and connection. I highly recommend checking it out, because WDS costs a lot and I want to squeeze out every ounce of awesomeness! And I want to do it together. This is fabulous!

—Jonell Alvi

And here’s what people had to say during/after the workshop:

I am so glad to be on this 10-day workshop challenge. You resonate so much with creating my life message! My website is in revamp phase now; thanks to you and this experience, I’m getting clear on my message.

—Caroline Velez

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your worksheets. You’ve got some amazing stuff going here, my dear. Keep up the great work!

—Liz King

All right, let’s get to the good stuff:

What exactly will happen during the 10-day workshop?

  • You will commit (you’ll even sign something!) to 30 mins – 1 hour per day of integrating IndieCon into your life. Think: intentional, meaningful homework.
  • Each day, you’ll receive an actionable worksheet PDF so you can write down the tangible things you can do to carry forth your inspiration.
  • We’ll follow three themes—Ideas, Connection, and Introspection—around for three cycles, ensuring that we’ve got all bases covered. The way you do anything is the way you do everything—we’ll make sure you’re laying the groundwork for conscious integration from every angle.
  • You’ll have access to a private community forum where we can discuss what we’re doing to keep the creative juices flowing.
  • You’ll get an accountabilibuddy to make sure you take the actions you want to take.
  • You’ll also be able to work one-on-one with the facilitator, if you’d like individual help with a particular theme or activity.

For a lot of us, going to conferences is a big commitment of time and energy—but it can also be freaking awesome.

A bit about me: I’m Amy Segreti, and the purpose-driven work I do in the world revolves around communication, connection and self-expression.

I want to help independent creatives like us get the most possible value out of the conferences we attend.

I believe that, as we become more and more independent in our work lives—from choosing where we work to what we do for work—impactful, purposeful gatherings with both people we admire and peers we align with become more important, resonant and potentially meaningful—if we know how to make them worth our time, money and energy.

Let’s make sure we bring the energy of IndieCon into our daily life and business in an intentional, impactful way. 

Sign up here—we start on Monday.

See you on the other side!

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