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For the last two years and change, I’ve been doing personal interviews with vibrant, successful entrepreneurs, creatives and independents who are living all of themselves in the world.

Aligned with their truth, these people are weaving magic in the universe, helping others and coming alive—every single day.

My specifications? I sought out people who are truly showing up and expressing their full, authentic selves—no matter how messy or shadowy—in the world.

Inspired by “The Way I Work and “How I Work” columns in Inc. and Lifehacker, the Live All of You Interview Series will focus on play/purpose integration and insight into what it means to live fully and attract what we deeply desire in life, work and love.

I believe that feeling fully expressed in our body, spirit and soul is the secret to living our greatest life. And these entrepreneurs, writers, teachers, coaches, explorers, and leaders prove it—every day.

Here are the inspirational people you can look forward to diving in with:

IMG_9060Tonya Leigh of French Kiss Life, is a lady of leisure and hustle with the mission to inspire women to create lives of elegance, style and joie de vivre.

Interview published! Here’s How Tonya Lives All of Her.


melanie higher resMélanie Berliet is an immersive journalist who has written rich pieces about her experiences—the shadow and the light—for publications like Vanity Fair, The Atlantic and Cosmopolitan.

Interview published! Here’s How Mélanie Lives All of Her.


sara avant picSara Avant Stover is a yoga and meditation instructor, author and founder of The Way of the Happy Woman. She teaches wellness and spirituality, and has worked with tens of thousands of women worldwide.

Interview published! Here’s How Sara Lives All of Her.


jaysongaddis_intropic_bigJayson Gaddis guides people to greater self-knowledge, wholeness and wakefulness through the vehicle of relationship. He speaks, writes and hosts the Smart Couple podcast.

Interview published! Here’s How Jayson Lives All of Him.


lara catone smallLara Catone is a somatic sexologist and sex educator who supports women in healing and coming into wholeness. Founder of The Artemis School,  she believes that our sexual energy is the vital life force behind everything we create.

Interview published! Here’s How Lara Catone Lives All of Her.


Andy Drish focuses on freedom and helping people express their unique gifts in the world. He is the co-founder of The Foundation, an online mentoring program for entrepreneurs to start and scale software companies from scratch.

Melissa Joy Kong is a possibilitarian, explorer and author of a book on 100 of the most breathtaking love stories in America. She founded Technori, a publication built to ignite a fire in the hearts and minds of starters who want make the world a brighter place.

Diane Pauley is a coach, online entrepreneur and creator of Postgradolescence who helps creative millennials live life on their own terms and do work they truly love.

Susan Hyatt is a Master Certified Life Coach, speaker, author, luck accelerator and multi-passionate mentor for your body, business and life.

Jen Blackstock is an intuitive coach, priestess, shaman and creator of The Unbridled Life. Through body- and spirit-based methods, Jen helps women trust their inner guide, unleash their inner goddess and allow miracles to unfold in their lives.

Amber Rae is a multi-passionate rockstar artist who infuses her love of enhancing communication into her coaching, writing and retreats. She’s on a mission to shake up and wake up as many people on the planet as possible.

Nicole Antoinette of A Life Less Bullshit is obsessed with helping people build a bullshit-free life. Her question: Why do we put off doing what we say we want to do? As a goal coach, she works with people to take their #1 goal and turn it into a reality.

Brianna Wiest is a writer and editor for Thought Catalog and founder of Soul Anatomy, an organization devoted to dissecting what it means to be human. She publishes original content that merges Western psychology, Eastern philosophy and personal narrative.

Alex Silver-Fagan is a badass NIKE trainer, fitness model and TEAM Bodybuilding.com athlete who motivates thousands of people everyday to live their healthiest life. She wants to show people that fitness doesn’t have to be viewed as a punishment that you have to do, but something fun that can make you feel good.

…and more!

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