Four Important Questions to Ask Your Entrepreneurial Self (from the Experts at WDS)

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I’ve been reading some fabulous World Domination Summit 2014-afterglow blog posts (such as this by Jedd Chang, this from Erin Harding, and this by Derek Murphy). In synthesizing and processing what WDS meant to me, I decided to bring something different to the table based on the overarching theme I kept hearing at WDS, which is:

Always be asking questions.

Here are four questions I’m asking myself, inspired by the conference. Answering these is helping me to start making shifts in my business and life—maybe they’ll be of help to you, too.

1) How do you approach life?

Michael Hyatt did some grim research for his keynote at WDS: 24 of the 3,000 of us will be dead in one year. (Damn.)

“The myth of our current culture is that you can do it all,” he said. Instead of living a driven life or a drifting life—two sides of the same coin, really—he suggests living a designed life. And that life is full of priorities that are not his work—like his family, his faith, and his own self-care.

“I know that out of a rich personal experience, my work will flourish,” he said.

Cheers to that.

2) What is your worldview?

Jeff Goins wins my award for new favorite writer at WDS. At the ProBlogger Academy, he encouraged us all to publish a manifesto—a short (900ish words), shareable idea that picks a fight.

And, perhaps I’m putting words in his mouth, but after you feel good about it, publish it and start your business/projects from that place, always. This is how we stay in alignment with our truth.

To help you start, write a statement that you feel passionate about that not everyone will agree with: “Everyone should _________.” Or, “Everyone should be able to __________.”

Aaand, go!

3) What can you do right now to change someone’s day?

Surprise surprise, Pat Flynn is still my favorite person ever.

Pat suggests: Instead of thinking about how you can change someone’s life (an admirable goal, but ultimately one that can cause us a lot of anxiety and self-doubt), start with thinking about how you can change someone’s day.

“Think about how you can provide small, quick wins,” said Pat.

Another related takeaway: “Failure and mistakes are part of the process.” Part of. As in, you can’t escape them. Welcome them; they will guide you to where you need to be.

4) What are you currently learning that you can also teach?

Tsh Oxenreider is a sassy lady who encourages writing about our journeys as a way of helping people.

“People read blogs to know the blogger,” she said. “Be a lifelong learner, and write about what makes you you.”

She warned, however, that what you’re writing about should not necessarily always be about you, but about what you can teach people. You don’t need to be an expert at what you’re teaching—you can simply write purposefully about your journey toward learning something. A lot of the time, this can be even more engaging.

Photo credit: Sherri Montgomery, fellow WDS 2014 attendee

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5 thoughts on “Four Important Questions to Ask Your Entrepreneurial Self (from the Experts at WDS)

  1. Great job taking WDS from a different angle. I really liked the fact that the speakers kept asking questions because it made me THINK. I’m definitely in the “overwhelm” boat. I’m going to make an implementation plan of all I learned from WDS in the next week. Wish me luck! BTW, I love all your happy pics on your site. Makes me connect with you more. :)

    1. Erin! If you need help with your implementation plan, I’ve totally got this. ;) I created a lot of sequenced content around synthesizing WDS into our lives (info: Tweet or email me if you’d like to talk more about this; I’ve love to know how you’re doing.

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