Manifesting Gifts & Parking Spots But Not Actual Money? Here’s How To Shift That

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Last year, I suffered from Parking Spot Syndrome.

Perhaps you’ve heard of it? If not, allow me to paint a picture for you—

Scene: New-Age hipsters drive to a trendy new spot with a conscious DJ and jun on tap—but wait! Where to park?

“It’s okay, we’ll manifest a parking spot!” one says. What does that mean? To some, it means actually visualizing someone leaving a prime spot, and holding that open space for their car.

It can also mean not a damn thing at all.

I’m not knocking using the Law of Attraction to secure a parking spot. But, if the “parking spot” vibration level is where you’re primarily utilizing your manifestation skill… what are you not using it on?

Last year, I tested the limits of my ability to manifest free things—and found there was hardly any limit at all.

I learned what a powerful manifestress I was. And I didn’t just use my powers to manifest parking spots.

I manifested free dinners, travel, wine. I directly asked well-known, high-end brands (like Free People) for shoes, bags and jewelry to review—they almost always said yes and let me keep everything.

The total retail value for the things I manifested was likely close to $30k.

I’m estimating here, but as one shipment of lipsticks from a single company was worth $500, as was a pair of red boots from another craftswoman—I’m betting I’m not too far off the mark.

But here’s the rub. Guess how much actual money I made.

(Firstly, I don’t even know, because I didn’t track my income, which was silly.)

But, I can tell you a few things.

I made little enough that I worried about rent every month. I made little enough that I would return things to the grocery store to save $5. I made little enough that I cried feeling sorry for myself more than a few times.

And yes, I am still an incredibly privileged white/Pacific Islander woman in the U.S.; that’s important to note in this political and socioeconomic climate—but I believe it’s also important to not deny any human their feeling. And at any point in life, you’ve likely felt frustrated, depressed and lost, no matter what your income level.

And that’s how I felt—because I was ignoring my own issues and poor belief systems around money.

I’m still in the process of shifting these things—I don’t have it all figured out yet—but one woman helped me immensely in doing so.

She’s a sassy Aussie who calls herself, “Lucky Bitch.”

Her name is Denise Duffield-Thomas, and I found her through Elizabeth DiAlto’s podcast, “Untame the Wild Soul.”

I immediately fell in love with her direct, tell-it-like-it-is style—while at the same time proving herself as an intuitive, loving, wise woman.


I’d never found a woman whose work around money spoke to me the way that Denise’s did.

Because here’s the thing—Denise used to be exactly the same way I was. She could manifest thousands of dollars’ worth of things—but one look at her bank account would show that she was, in reality, kind of broke.

Until she was able to shift her money mindset and her beliefs, she could manifest all the free parking spots she wanted—but not actual money.

Do you relate? Because here’s what I think:

This space of attracting things and not money is a struggle that is uniquely feminine.

Women who are “working on themselves” (whatever you want to define as that) are often being told the message to step into our feminine more, be more receptive, surrender to the Universe.

And that can be wonderful advice. But:

If “receiving” looks like manifesting free stuff in order to avoid looking at your money issues or shifting money beliefs that are holding you back—then you are hiding in shadow.

“But I just let it all unfold,” you might say breathily to me, wafting incense my way. “And I always get by.”

Well, guess what. I am you, and I know that receiving free dinners, conference tickets and even flights is not going to target your particular issue or outdated belief.

And yes, you might always “get by.” But, wouldn’t it be nice to get ahead?

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to go through the constant rollercoaster of trying to make rent every month and just barely making it?

Your particular beliefs around this kind of money story could be many, but try some of these on and see how they feel—

“If someone isn’t providing for me, I’m not loved.”

“If someone isn’t caring for me and buying me dinners, I’m not worthy.”

“I know that I’m loved because he/she pays the rent /  picks up the tab / whatever your story is.”

If this is stirring emotion in you—good. You’re exactly who I’m trying to reach.

Take some deep breaths here, and know that you’ve got this.

And here’s what’s great about manifestors (or manifestresses):

You already understand the Law of Attraction, and in your own way, you know how to create abundance in your life.

That’s great news!

Now, we just need to shift that over to the finance department.

Here are 3 ways to shift your manifesting skills from things to bling:

1) Track every single cent of your income.

As I mention in a previous post, when you track your income, you increase your awareness of money coming in. This will cause you to notice and shift your behavior in slight, positive ways.

Plus, you’ll have the chance to actually celebrate and feel grateful for every little bit that’s coming in for you—and celebration for what we have is exactly what attracts more of it to you!

2) Shift your mindset by focusing on money mantras that rattle you.

I now carry around in my wallet, right where I can see it, a cut-out that says:

“It is safe for me to manifest actual money.”

What are some “It is safe to…” or “I welcome into my world…” mantras that you can write out that really feel tingly and exciting (or terrifying) to you to read?

Some suggestions for this particular perspective could be:

  • I welcome financial abundance into my world.
  • It is safe to make a shit ton of money today.
  • It is safe for me to make money and be loved.
  • I welcome large sums of money into my life.
  • I welcome money and know that it enhances my well being.

Draw them or write them out on beautiful paper and carry them around with you. Most importantly: Allow yourself to breathe deeply as you read them, expanding your awareness of your new reality.

3) Enroll in a bomb-ass money course that can truly help you make a shift.

Something that I 100% believe can help immensely on this journey to true financial abundance is Denise’s Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp.

Denise’s work and writing has helped shift my mindset immensely toward a perspective that making money doesn’t have to be hard.

Because here’s the truth (and your new story):

You can be safe and loved and worthy and spiritual—and also make actual freaking money.

If you know that your income isn’t matching up to your potential, you should check it out here:

Denise is brilliant at teaching women how to:

  • Beat the feast or famine cycle of living month-to-month
  • Overcome an income plateau so you can smash through your next income goal
  • Transmute fear of money into creating your First Class life
  • Shift from manifesting things to manifesting actual money to buy or save for what you truly want
This course helps women shift belief systems around money from a uniquely feminine and powerful perspective in a way that I’ve never seen before (and I know of and learn from a lot of online courses).

If you’re ready to live a life of freedom, adventure and abundance, go and check out Denise’s Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp. Plus: Her Lucky Bitch story will blow you away.

I support this course so much that I’m an affiliate of it, and want to toss your way all the resources I have to help you be successful.

So, if you buy the course from any link from Live All of You, I’m throwing in $534 worth of bonuses!

Because perhaps your goal isn’t only to manifest more abundance in terms of finances, but to feel like you’ve got it together with ease and flow in your work and relationship life?

If you pick up the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp through my link, you’ll receive along with her course the following four gifts from me:

Bonus #1: Holistic Day Design Packet ($21 value)

Craft your day from the inside out with the Holistic Day Design Packet, which takes an integrated, holistic approach to productivity to help you feel trust, structure and harmony in your unique daily rhythm. The package gives you a new way to look at a single day—as an expansive opportunity and palate for creation.

The Holistic Day Design Packet consists of 28 beautiful full-color pages designed to help you view your days and passion projects from fresh perspectives.

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relationship vitalizer workbookPart ritual, part play and part deep-dive exercises, this workbook will help you explore inward first, then play with what you’ve found with your partner (whether it’s a beloved or a new friend) in a safe space.

Finally, you’ll be guided to come together in intention-setting based on the gems you’ve uncovered and celebrate!

Bonus #3: Manifest Like a Mofo course ($188 value)

In this nine-week course, we’ll fuse the woo-woo and the work—intention and action—to create the life, love and work you truly deserve.

Each week, you’ll dive deep on a different aspect of manifestation, guiding you step-by-step toward removing your blocks and achieving your short- and long-term goals.

Bonus #4: 60-minute Private Coaching Call with Me ($297 value)

On this coaching call we’ll talk about how to get you started with a morning routine that will set you up for ease and success every day.

We’ll make sure you’re on track using all the resources you now have, plus I’ll give you personalized tips and suggestions for incorporating my morning routine ENJOY into your day, and we can dive more deeply into how you can stick with your new money beliefs/routine!

That’s $534 worth of additional revolutionize-your-life goodies—all FREE if you grab the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp from this page.*

You, after getting all this amazing goodness:

woman books information

With all this info in your hair, you’ll be like, dang, I am an unstoppable woman!

Also, I want to guarantee that I would never recommend something so strongly without a genuine passion about it. I am so beyond excited to share this woman’s wisdom and work with you—I truly believe it can change your life.

Have any questions about the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp? Please email me personally at liveallofyou (at) gmail and I will get back to you promptly.

Thank you for taking the time to do this deep work. I believe in you. <3

*Purchase of the Bootcamp through my affiliate link must be verified with Denise before receiving these bonuses. While you’ll receive all digital bonuses just a few businesses days after purchasing, your coaching call will be scheduled 60 days after your Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp purchase.
**I do not represent Denise in any way. While I am an affiliate of her program, I was not paid to promote any of her products.

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