Manifest Like a Mofo™ 9-Week Course

Fusing the Woo-Woo and the Work for Radical Change

ManifestWorkshop3DCoverIn 2013, I hosted a live intensive Manifesting Workshop to help people create subtle, powerful shifts that paved the way for radical, long-desired changes to show up in their lives.

My attendees called it “beyond fabulous;” they felt “embraced, challenged and inspired” and felt it was filled with “valuable insights, fabulous mojo, magic, synergy and synchronicity.” Which felt pretty damn wonderful.

I now offer the workshop as an ongoing course here: Manifest Like a Mofo.
In nine modules, you’ll learn how to:
  • Laser-target and vanquish your energy blocks
  • Learn the useful—and detrimental—ways to “fake it ’til you make it”
  • Create action steps for each thing you want to manifest
  • Identify what you already manifest every day—and use that to your advantage
  • Discover (and document) what makes you truly, deeply happy
  • Apply the Life the Flashlight technique to harness your creation power
  • Uncover unconscious commitments and make new, healthy agreements with the universe
  • Discover the two biggest components of woo-woo and work—and how to skillfully add/eliminate them
  • Acknowledge when manifesting starts happening–and not stop it in its tracks!
  • Create your personal guide with clear follow-through steps to take home with you to continue your manifesting journey!
  • Receive a Manifesting Manual to jetpack you to awesome! The official manual will guide you step-by-step through the process of creating tangible magic in your life.
It’s a 9-Week Course to Revitalize Your Life and Work and includes a fully actionable and printable course guide, nine weeks of email guidance, and personal guidance throughout the duration of the course.
Here’s what past participants are saying:

Clearing the mental gunk that’s been sabotaging my success, potential and mojo can actually be fun?! Wow! Amy Segreti is a manifesting maven. Nothing woo-woo about the heart and knowledge she infuses into this comprehensive yet light-hearted workshop. My experience was beyond fabulous.”

Sylvia Ferrero, Wellness Mentor and Founder of Revolution Gratitude

“Amy sets the stage for authentic dialogue. Her generosity, receptivity and process are great tools for manifesting! I felt embraced, challenged and inspired… and had a blast. The results are showing up in greater creativity and confidence. Thank you.”

—Mary Wagner, Founder of MA Studio

“I want to thank you, Amy, for creating such an awesome workshop. It felt completely safe to show up, connect and learn from each other. I gained valuable insights and fabulous mojo, and am so grateful for the connections. Looking forward to more magic, synergy and synchronicity!

—CJ McCarthy, Wellness Educator/Consultant

If you’re still not sure, know that I offer a 100% guarantee. If you complete the course in its entirety and feel you have gained nothing from it, send me your completed manual and I’ll give you a full refund!

Click “Get Tickets” on this page. See you on the other side!

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