Movement as Meditation: An Homage to My Yoga Practice (and An Announcement)


I attended a Zen Buddhism class once in which the instructor said that yoga was “not a great form of meditation.” We were in a yoga studio.

But for me, yoga is embodied meditation.

Author and Conscious Lover Kathlyn Hendricks once told me:

We start by whatever door we come in.

For me, movement is not a distraction. It’s a vehicle for me to move in more deeply.

Yoga is my human form inquiring of its sinews, its marrow, its connective tissue.

It is bone-dry, finger-licking, toe-curling, knee-high. It is the heart of the matter.

It is dynamism, shadow and light, action and receptivity. It is awakening in all its parts, in all its natures—its suckling wetness and its impulsive fire.

To me, yoga is the manner of devotion that most represents my duality, and so often—so blissfully more often as I grow older—my vehicle for self-discovery as I dive deeper into it.

For these reasons—and most of all because I feel deeply called to it—I’m happy to announce that I’ll be doing yoga teacher training with Stephen Uvalle and Shannon Paige in Boulder this fall and winter.

It’s a huge commitment for me: of time, money and energy.

So, I inquired within myself first: Why do I want to do this? 

  • To deepen my yoga practice
  • To gain more tools and techniques to be embodied in every moment
  • To deeply give myself over to an experience as a learner
  • To quell the tightness I feel that comes with needing to prove things
  • To go deeper into self-inquiry, to places inside myself that feel difficult to explore
  • To learn how to interact on a peer-to-peer level with cohorts seeking expansion
  • To have more resources to help guide people through self-expression
  • To offer this practice to others as a vehicle into and through themselves

I write this post mainly for myself—so I can be more aware of the reasons I do things and share that with others, so they too might feel less alone in trusting the pull of their desires.

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