Year in Review: My 7 Most Popular & Beloved Posts of 2015

I love flowing with the energy of people around me.

I love the static charge of Mondays, the crisp walk into the start of September, using both to nudge me into my work day/s.

In May, I follow the energy of play bubbling up, going on solo road trips to festivals before doing 100-Day workout challenges in the summer.

And this time of year—I’ll admit it—I adore the energy of the end-of-the-year transition into the new year.

Resolution-haters be damned, I love reviewing the past year and making intentions in the clean landscape of a blank slate. So, I took a look at Live All of You’s 2015 stats and decided to share with you what I found.

Google Analytics, thank you for helping me figure out my most popular 7 posts!

Here are Live All of You’s Top 7 of 2015:

1. My most popular post of all time and of 2015 continues to confuse me be this one: Organize in Style: 6 Gorgeous Free To-Do Lists
2. My second most beloved post also wins the award for Most Popular Live All of You Interview: the one I did with the fabulous Ms. Tonya Leigh of French Kiss Life.


3. Not surprising here—an epic step-by-step post I wrote to help people finally start their own website: Your Ticket to a Freedom-Filled Life: Start a Website in 7 Mins

freedom filled life how to start a website

4. I loved writing this post about how to pitch to magazine/newspaper editors (partially because I used it to delay writing my own piece…) and I’m glad it made it into the top 5: How to Write a Query Letter in 2015 That Gets a Response (Also in 2015)

How to Write a Query Letter in 2015 That Gets a Response (Also in 2015)

5. 30 Days of Making! I did this at the end of last year and it blew my mind. Here’s everything I made during this crafty challenge: Nov/Dec Challenge: 30 Days of Making (Complete)!
6. My 12 Nonfiction Books That Have Changed How I Live In the World list of course made it in. Who doesn’t love other people’s book lists? Monsters, that’s who.

12 nonfiction books image

7. And coming in at Lucky #7, we’ve got July’s miracle, A Story About A Bike + Receiving vs. Manifesting + Love Something A F*cking Lot, in which I learn that loving something a lot is one of the best ways to ensure it staying in your life (and coming back in different, exciting, unexpected ways when it leaves).

Thanks for taking this trip back in time with me!

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