My Secret Niche Site: One Month in Progress Update!


On January 1, I started a secret niche site (Pat Flynn style!) and have been working on it pretty consistently.

I wanted to share more about it here, as it’s turning out to be a fun experiment in seeing how I can grow something without using any of my own social capital to share/promote it. It has grown only through organic traffic, white hat SEO, good honest content and new Twitter friends (it has its own Twitter account, but that’s all when it comes to social media).

It’s also an interesting case study in how someone completely unknown in the land of the Internet can start and grow an audience, engagement and a passive income stream without any prior contacts or connections.

About one month in, here’s an update:

  • I’m now generating an average of 250 page views per week. Not bad!
  • A software service provider for my target audience (ack buzz words) contacted me and seemed like a cool dude, so I interviewed him for my site and published it!
  • That interview was one of 7 substantial blog posts I’ve published on the site. I’m now working on more interviews with more cool people who aim to help my audience.
  • I launched pre-order sales of my official product: a compendium of blueprints, guides, and documents to help my target audience.
  • I sent out my first newsletter in an ultra-lite, minimalist format and it got a 77% open rate. It helps that I’m like 10% of that newsletter, but anyway.
  • I’ve got another interview in the works with a really great well-known writer on the subject, and she has asked if she could interview me for her site as well! This should give me a significant boost in traffic.

I’m really interested to see where this goes and find myself very pulled to work on it. I’ll reveal it to a very tiny, select group of people before my product launches.

Note: I’m not keeping it a secret for any kind of market-y, attention grab-y reason. It’s a legitimate one (and it’s not shady at all), I promise. :) You’ll understand when I tell you.

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