New-Technology Rituals: A Powerful Way to (Re)Commit to Your Purpose & Self-Care

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Last night, I went to my local Apple store and upgraded to the newest iPhone. And, instead of ravaging the box, tearing open the wrapping and promptly using my new device to scroll Facebook… I decided to do an intentional ritual with it to bless it with abundance, love, purpose and direction. And, with my phrase of 2018: “Native & Generative.”

Um, a ceremony for a new piece of technology? What?

It may sound kooky and eye-rollingly hipster… and. And. What is in our space almost 24/7?

What is something we constantly give energy to on a daily basis? What do we allow to occupy our time and mind for potentially hours each day?

Whether we’re working with purpose, relaxing and playing games, connecting with our loved ones, or just browsing the Interwebs… the answer is, our phones.

Our technology—phones, tablets, laptops, etc.—can be thought of as gateways and portals.
When you get a new phone, you are opening a new portal for your life.

Could it hurt to be intentional about that? I don’t think so. :)

For me, it feels like pleasure, self-care and a calming medicine to my nervous system.

Why not use this transition (and Western cultural tradition) of a new phone as an opportunity to set a conscious intention for its use for the next 1-3 years?

Here are 9 ideas to incorporate in a new-tech ritual:

1) Loop a meaningful song during your ceremony.

Looping a song also has a potent creative effect for me of facilitating a paradoxical meditative-heightened state. I start to feel I’m inside the song. It becomes a part of my physical space. My trusted container.

One song I used for this ritual is “Watch It Grow” by Kr3ture.  Without being too cheesy, it’s a great manifestation song. Lyrics:

“Feel it in my head, feel it in my bones, give it time, give it space, gonna watch it grow.”

2) Time-sucking apps? Old contacts? Delete and start fresh.

I don’t know about you, but the idea of starting with a fresh phone with no added apps on it sounds delightful. But, that’s not entirely feasible for me anymore (I just spend hours re-downloading, and sometimes lose things that way).

So, let’s do the next best thing. Before you do your back-up and transfer, I recommend deleting the apps you don’t want to transfer. Maybe you’ve found that Words With Friends takes too much of your time. Maybe Snapchat is primarily a distraction. Delete these apps and use this as an opportunity to start fresh on your new device.

One step further: If there are any people who are no longer in your life, or who you feel don’t fit into your life anymore, you can gently and lovingly use this as an opportunity to let them go, too.

3) Take a ritual last photo on your old phone and first photo on your new phone.

At sunset, I took this picture from my home in Boulder, Colorado:

boulder colorado sunset

This was the last photo on my old phone. To me, taking this photo at sunset symbolized ending, beauty in death, and multifaceted vibrancy (manmade buildings mixed with inspiring nature).

The first photo I took with my new phone is the one at the very top of this post with the handwritten letter in it. Which brings me to…

4) Journal the answers to purpose-full questions for your new tech.

What are some habits you’d like to release, minimize or banish? What are the feelings/desires you want to call in with your new tech?

Freewrite this on paper and place it on your ritual altar. I like to lightly burn the edges with whatever candle is burning; the burnt smell is delightful to me, and a beautiful sensorial reminder of my intentions. You can then keep this paper on your daily altar for a while until it feels right to remove it, or simply store it with your box/warranty information.

Amy style? Put the ashes of the bits of paper you burned in the soil of a beloved houseplant. Grow, baby, grow.

5) Surround your new tech with a “vision pile” or symbolic elements as you do your ritual.

My ritual consisted of all of the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, as well as some sacred stones, crystals, incense, divination cards, handwritten letter… all at the base of my exotic dance pole.

iphone charging crystal

6) Make your unboxing process sacred.

Remember, this is a special gift you received or bought yourself! Treat it that way. Open it with love and excitement, listen to the crackle of the plastic, the puff of air when the box opens… smell it, even.

Involve all your senses (perhaps do this while enjoying some delicious chocolate or a fabulous glass of wine). Treat it with reverence.

7) Honor where the Moon is in her cycle.

If you happen to be someone who feels guided by the Moon, notice where in her cycle she is when you unwrap your new gift and do your ritual.

Waning Moon? Maybe the theme of your ceremony is around letting go of what doesn’t serve you with your tech usage. Full Moon? Maybe it’s more around celebrating, stepping into the light and being seen via techology (starting a YouTube channel for your business, perhaps).

8) Pull a Tarot/Oracle card or create a simple spread.

tarot cards bonefire tarot queen wands

I love beautiful Tarot decks as a source for divining and inspiration. You can either pluck cards from the deck intentionally and place them in your ritual space—for example, the Eight of Wands symbolizes electronic communication and technology. Any of the Aces would be great to represent fresh starts in the areas of your choosing. You can also pull out The World, as our phones connect us far and wide.

Or, you can close your eyes and pull a simple spread to find out what you are being called to use your phone for in the coming year or few years. (Three of Pentacles? You’ll be #purposedrivenAF. Two of Cups? Perhaps you should try online dating.) ;)

9) Be gentle with yourself; there are no “have-tos” in your ritual!

Don’t make this another way to be Type A or to create unnecessary rules for yourself (Sara Avant-Stover speaks to this lately, which I love.) This isn’t about rules or “doing it right.”

For example: During my own ceremony, I was hungry, so I decided to take my new phone in its box and let it join me for dinner at my dining room table before I put it back on its altar. It was delightful, and I wasn’t forcing myself to starve, Zen-like and immobile, huffing incense. Make this about your pleeaaasuuuure.

shape energy moon cards iphone x

I’d love to hear if you’ve done something like this, and any sparkly gems you include in your own rituals.

I recommend doing this with any piece of technology that you plan to use extensively (laptops, phones, tablets, and especially wearables like watches, as they’ll be on your body).

If you’re interested in the fusion of ritual/intention and technology/productivity, I invite you to check out my next HELM (Holistic Entrepreneur Life Mastermind) circle! Let’s do this together. <3

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