Craft Your Day from the Inside Out with my Holistic Day Design™ Packet

(My Holistic Day Design packet is currently exclusively available to those who register for the HELM program! What is HELM? Click the link and find out. :))

How do we learn to trust our inner compass?

Being an entrepreneur who makes her own schedule and travels only slightly less often than a pilot, I’ve needed to find ways to be productive when I have little-to-no daily routine to count on (or boss to tell me what to do next).

I’ve tried plenty of online and offline tools for self-management. Sometimes they work for a while, but sometimes they don’t get past the starting line.

What I found I wanted most was to trust myself. To not give over my power to a system, but to trust my inner compass to direct me to how I was meant to move, shift and create in the world each day.

GirlWithiPada Holistic Day Design Packet

In an effort to create space for this, I’ve been crafting, improving and fine-tuning my own personal day design system for two years. They are my experiments in finding joy and freedom in discipline.

My method takes an integrated, holistic approach to productivity. It gives the user a new way to look at a single day—as an expansive opportunity and palate for creation.

I created the Holistic Day Design™ Packet (formerly the Holistic Productivity Packet) for myself and others, to help people who have the enormous blessing (and sometimes curse) of dictating their own schedule feel some semblance of trust, structure and harmony in their unique, daily rhythm.

(I wrote a more in-depth article on how I created my main pieces for Productivityist.)

Your Holistic Day Design Packet consists of 28 beautiful full-color pages designed to help you view your days and your passion projects from fresh perspectives, and a private community forum to connect with like-hearted individuals.

This packet is made especially for you if you are:

  • an entrepreneur who works alone
  • a location-independent solopreneur who travels a bunch
  • someone who has a lot of or total control of their days
  • a creative independent freelancer
  • someone who wants to learn how to stay focused in changing environments
  • someone who wants to learn a mindful approach to productivity

This is so beautiful! I want more accountability and presence, and a lot more creative exploration. This packet is such a fantastic framework for those goals. I’ve already planned out a big school project and my 30-day yoga plan with the Streak Sheet. Next up: Filling in the “To Not Do!” list. This is just what I needed!

—Sarah Pevner, Librarian + Creative Entrepreneur

Below, I’d love to give you a tour of just a small handful of these experiments:

1. “Today, I Create” Day Design Sheets

experiment 2 today i create day design


  • What do I want to create/divine/channel/manifest/heal today? 
  • What things do I need to clear today? (What’s blocking my energy?)
2. Amydoros: A Self-Competitive To-Do List

Gives you:

  • A high-spirited way to dive into tasks you may have been putting off
  • A surprise: how little time it takes you to do things you thought would take way longer
3. Customized Wildly Productive Day Sheets

experiment 1 WPD system day design


  • How do I want to feel at the end of the day?
    • My answers: Peaceful. Light-hearted. Fulfilled. Inspired. Connected to Source.
  • What activities can I do during this day that will give me the highest probability of feeling this way?
    • Things that are of the utmost importance for me include: Creation (writing, and projects such as this one); Reading (studying language, fiction); Movement (exercise, yoga, hiking); Inspiration (ideation, conscious consuming); Admin/earthly (errands, email, calls); Nourishment (home, wandering, connecting)
4. To Done! A List of What You’ve Already Done Today

to done list

Gives you:

  • A sense of success at task-mastering
  • Faith in yourself to accomplish things
5. Moon Cycle Work Flow Sheet


One of the things entrepreneurs can utilize to inform when we start and let go of projects is the cycle of the moon.

The idea? The New Moon is when you pick through your stored brilliant ideas and decide which ones you want to act on in the coming cycle. When the moon is waxing into light, take hardcore action to bring those ideas to life; during the Full Moon we celebrate! When the moon is waning into darkness, we bring up those things we need to clear and release, while contemplating and reflecting on how our work flow cycle went.

This is just a small sampling of the 28 sheets you’ll get in your Holistic Day Design Packet.

(Want to check ’em out first? Try three free sheets by telling me where to send them here.)

iPad HolisticProd Sheet

After two years of working with these systems, I love making these for others and giving people a new way to design their days: from the inside out, allowing space for aligned creation, clearing blocks and experiencing exactly what they want to feel, every day.

How to get the full packet? There are a few ways:

1) For businesses or one-on-one help: I offer one-on-one productivity coaching and discovery sessions to create your ideal day design and build unique, tangible, customized productivity sheets for you, your business or your clients. Email me to schedule a consultation so we can craft holistic ways to incorporate productivity into your day, or we can start from scratch and design sheets for the purpose-driven projects you craft for your clients.

2) Join the HELM program!

3) For coworking spaces: Since I’m a strong advocate for the coworking movement, I created a special offering for coworking spaces as well as solutions for shared accountability. Head here to find out how Holistic Day Design can help your members feel more productive, engaged and committed to your coworking community!

This has been such a fun and meaningful personal project of mine for years now. I’m so happy to share it!

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