Here are my favorite resources for creating, maintaining and growing a business and life you absolutely love. These are the exact tools I use or have used—but most certainly adore.

Please note that some of these links may be affiliate links, which just means that I may get a small commission if you choose to purchase or participate in paid services that I link to (with no extra charge to you).

I guarantee that I honestly recommend the products and offerings listed. Thank you in advance—I know you can click on these links from elsewhere, and I’m truly grateful for your encouragement and support.

Your Website: Hosting & More!
  • Bluehost: If you have an idea for a web-based business/blog and haven’t pulled the trigger, I highly recommend getting a domain and hosting from Bluehost. They’re what I use for all my sites (including Live All of You), and they have extremely responsive customer service. It’s also super easy to set up WordPress through them as well, in that you don’t need an FTP client/server, you just install WordPress on Bluehost with a two-click process. If you want to use WordPress and are not an experienced coder, you definitely want to choose Bluehost. When I had a surplus of visitors over at my Twine Magazine site, I called them and a real person (!) answered my call, told me that all my sites had gone down and that they would fix it immediately. They did. I trust them completely. I know building a site can feel overwhelming—check out my post on how to get over the resistance and start a site in 7 mins.
Online Tools
  • Believe it or not, Craigslist is an amazing tool for receiving the help you want. The key (especially in bigger cities)? Put out there exactly what you want. Be ridiculously specific. Run up to the point of where you think you might actually be so specific that you’ll turn most people away… then post it. You’ll get way fewer and way more aligned responses.
  • I seriously hate keeping receipts all year (I hate it so much that I never do it…) and Shoeboxed is this amazing site that lets you send them receipts via postage-paid envelopes or pictures from your phone (so cool) for a super low monthly rate. They scan, data-enter and organize everything in a secure, searchable online account. They’re fully accepted by the IRS this way! Check out our mini-interview with them.
Self-Management & Productivity
  • Holistic Day Design: I started making my own productivity sheets last year just for me, then people started telling me I should sell them, so now I do! They are now the Holistic Day Design packet, and what’s lovely is that they aren’t a system, they are based on you learning to listen to and trust your own inner compass. We start with the question: At the end of the day, what makes you feel like you’ve had a happy, nourishing, wildly productive day? These have been extremely helpful to me, as they’re entirely geared toward entrepreneurs wanting to feel more aligned and productive in their day.
  • Trello: like post-it notes for the computer, this helps me remember all the projects I have, which I’m needing right now or else one or more will fall by the wayside. Cross-platform with iPad and iPhone helps. It’s “cute,” too, though I don’t entirely know what makes me say that.
Nonfiction Books: Inspiring & Life-Changing
  • Conscious Loving (check out my interview with the co-author, Kathlyn Hendricks): This book changed my life completely. Every page has dozens of nuggets to it. This has helped me build a solid foundation of trust and vulnerability in my relationships and I honestly think it should be required reading.
  • Non-Violent Communication: Another book that’s changed my relationships, I like to think of it as a mathematical way of looking at conversation. Which can be very helpful when you get into emotionally charged conversations.
  • Book Yourself Solid (and here’s my interview with the author, Michael Port): Michael reveals why self-promotion is a critical factor to success, giving you a unique perspective for how to get more clients and raise your business profile. I love his “red velvet rope” policy.
  • The Conscious Cleanse is the cleanse that helped shift my relationship with food several years ago. I do it every now and then to keep myself in check, too. I highly recommend it. Check out their program to do it along with fellow cleansers (that’s what I did and it seriously helped)!
  • Why People Don’t Heal And How They Can: a gorgeous book on healing that challenges both the notions of sickness as karma and sickness that only a doctor can cure, and invites us to look at the deeper levels of healing.
  • The Freelancer’s Bible: the best guide for beginning freelancers and a solid reference guide for those of us already on our way.
  • Storycraft: The Complete Guide to Writing Narrative Nonfiction: my absolute favorite book on narrative nonfiction and storytelling. Should be required reading in this realm!
  • The Exquisite Risk: Full of inspired nuggets that are deeper than “you can do it!” There’s some really delicious poetic writing in here, too.
  • Start Something That Matters: This is the book that inspires me to help others and to build my business to be something that can change people’s lives.
  • The $100 Startup: This is a classic every starting entrepreneur should read. It will help you realize anyone can make a business work, even with only a small amount of money.
  • Big Magic: Elizabeth Gilbert is a phenomenal woman and everything she writes/says/does should be on an artist’s list of priority conscious consumption.
  • The Crossroads of Should and Must: Elle Luna designed, crafted and wrote this book from the core of her being, and it’s a lovely reminder for us entrepreneurs that all art does not come from a laptop.
  • Born to Run: An epic adventure that began with one simple question: Why does my foot hurt? This book is an amazing example of immersive journalism. Anyone interested in longform narrative should buy this and study it.
Fiction Books: Turn On Your Wonder Brain
People Who Rock My World

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