Get Ready to Light Up 2016 With Love, Bliss & Abundance

2016 is right around the corner. Are you where you want to be in your business, life and relationships? Are you even close?

If not, you’re far from alone. And I want to help.

If you want your New Year’s resolutions to stick or you need a clearer blueprint or strategic push toward expanding your life, love and business—come revive and strategize with me in ‪Boulder‬.

I’ll wine and dine you, and help you get back on track in a big way.

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I love helping people experience the world from a place of wonder, possibility, and freedom. Here’s a sample itinerary of how we’ll work/play:

Evening 1 is dedicated to intention + initiation, where we’ll set our intentions for the weekend to make sure we get you to where you want to be, plus do sacred rituals to help get things in motion.

Day 1 is dedicated to strategizing + purpose. This is where we’ll get laser-focused on new designs and structures for the parts of your life that feel stagnant. I will give you everything I have to make sure you feel supported, reassured, and empowered to make the shifts you’ve been dying to make.

Evening 2 will involve revival + play, where we’ll decompress and engage in spontaneous creativity and further intention-setting around your new plans for greater prosperity, play and freedom.

Day 2 is about fruition + ritual, in which we’ll have a delicious brunch with power players in your field; then we’ll spend the afternoon doing a sacred ritual involving embodied movement to cement your recommitment to your most abundant, expansive life.

Do you really want to achieve your 2016 goals—or would you rather say “screw it” and try again in 2017?

If you’re committed to your goals, your development and your success in 2016—and want to ignite them through work and play—email me with your questions (liveallofyou [at] and let’s make this happen.

If this is stirring things in your heart, shoot me a note right now. Don’t wait.

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