Six Unique & Deep Tarot Decks to Tap Into Your Truth

unique deep tarot decks

As you probably know by now, learning about and divining with Tarot cards has been a potent and powerful way for me to stay connected to my Truth and essence this year.

If you haven’t grabbed up this free Tarot resource I created, I gathered up some spreads I personally use and specific questions (phrasing is so important!) to ask your cards.

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Onward to my six favorite decks, shall we?

1) The Clover Tarot

clover tarot women

The Clover Tarot is my ultimate favorite and the deck I am naturally drawn to reading with (if you get a tarot reading with me, I’ll likely be using this one). It was created by a Latvian mother and artist named Nika Aksjutova. It’s quirky, sexy, vibrant and traditional, all at once. If you’re in the U.S., be aware—your package will take around 2 weeks to arrive (from Latvia), but if you email her she will answer you and send you tracking info!

2) The Japaridze Tarot

japaridze tarot

The Japaridze Tarot is ethereal and gorgeous, though I’m still learning to read this deck, as it feels a bit difficult for me to grasp. I love it though and it comes with a beautiful full-color (very rare!) guidebook.

3) The Linestrider Tarot

linestrider tarot

The Linestrider Tarot was my very first deck—it’s cool, calm and spacious. I am just now finally becoming able to grasp it, and its sparse beauty gives a lot of room for artistic interpretation. The guidebook it comes with is one of my absolute favorites.

4) The Shadowscapes Tarot

shadowscapes tarot

The Shadowscapes Tarot is a faery deck that has so much going on in each card, you could just fall inside of each one and be in a complete and whole world. My only gripe (which I’ve heard is a common one) is that the cards are too small to appreciate their fine detail without bringing it super close to your face (fine if you’re reading for yourself, but a bit awkward if you’re reading for others). The guidebook it comes with is unique and stellar.

5) The Wild Unknown Tarot

wild unknown tarot

The Wild Unknown Tarot is an extremely well-known and “trendy” deck, but the symbology may be a bit hard for a beginning Tarot reader. It is gorgeous, austere, but colorful—it reminds me of Autumn, when everything is getting darker but there are these vibrant bursts of color if you look in the right places. Warning: The guidebook it comes with is fairly useless… only good if you’re looking for a surface level of reading—though it’s all right if you’re just getting started with Tarot or looking for a quick “Daily Draw” type of meaning.

6) The Cosmic Tarot

cosmic tarot

The Cosmic Tarot was created in the 80s, and that is so endearing to me. It’s got some seriously intuitive and unique cards—it very much follows the RWS system, but it’s got this planetary cosmic-consciousness vibe to it that I love.

And that’s all for decks! #deckpics :)

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