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Upper limiting has been called the “only problem we need to solve,” whether we’re talking about relationships, business or personal goals.

Some of our generation’s hardcore thought leaders have written about the Upper-Limit Problem, from Marie Forleo to Gay Hendricks to Mastin Kipp.

Basically, when we’ve pushed through to a higher threshold—which could be anything from an intimacy breakthrough with your partner to a raise at work—our inner alarm bells go off and we begin to sabotage our success. This could come in many forms, from starting an argument to getting sick to forgetting to do something you committed to.

But here’s the thing: we ebb and we flow. Sometimes we’re making progress and sometimes we’re at a healthy resting state, working to integrate the new levels we’ve unlocked. When we’re flowing and soaring higher and higher, we’re watchful for our subconscious to bring out our upper limiting behavior. 

But—what can we do when we’re ebbing? When we’re stagnant and haven’t felt much push or drive in our lives for a day, a week, a month? We should start lower limiting.

We can go down hard when things seem to not be working out. We can spiral out of alignment with ourselves, snap at friends, become easily irritated at well-meaning partners, and let our lack of motivation stop us from doing any work at all.

Stop allowing this. Recognize your pattern of drinking a little more wine than usual, of not calling on friends, of letting the contracted feeling in your body dictate how many episodes of House of Cards you watch. You might not be soaring high at the moment, but maybe that’s ok. Maybe you need a rest to get comfortable at the stage you’re at. But you do not need to contract.

Here are five actionable ways to lower limit:
  1. Get up and move immediately. Make sure you sweat: it helps detoxify your body.
  2. Stop what you’re doing (or not doing) and take just 11 minutes to create something (see Amber Rae‘s inspiring post on this), anything at all.
  3. If you live in a city with public transport, go to a bus stop. Get on a bus and let it take you around your city until you feel the calling to get off. Wander around. Be open to magic.
  4. Find another way to feel productive: Clean your home and give it a present. Nourish your pets with some extra love. Give some phone love to a friend you haven’t talked to in a while. This all matters.
  5. Write some soul questions down and free-write answer them: What would I allow myself to create if I knew I would succeed? What do I want to use money for? If I could craft the perfect relationship, what would it look like?

You want to do things that get you out of your funk so you can start creating again. But in the meantime, limit the depths you can sink to and feel deeply wherever you’re at.

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