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The Very Best, Scrupulously Vetted, Green-Beauty Cosmetics

It all began with the $100 Sephora gift card.

Back in February, I found it lying in a pile of space-hoggers I’d plucked out of my wallet in frustration. It must have been there for a year, and likely from my mother (hi, mom!). I’d never used it because, honestly, I didn’t know much about Sephora except that when I wandered around blankly perusing the products, I started to cough from the perfume and my lungs propelled my legs to the exit.

Since then, I’ve probably gone from Sephora Boulder’s favorite to least-favorite customer. Why? Because I purchased probably $400 in products in February/March… and then returned them all, one by one, in March/April.

As my interest in makeup as a beautiful temporary art form peaked, my tendency to examine and research ingredients (something I’ve done with food for the last seven years) caught up to me—and once it grabbed hold, it wouldn’t let go.

During my research, I learned that there are more than 10,000 toxic ingredients allowed in conventional cosmetics, hair products and body/face creams, according to celebrity makeup artist and natural beauty expert Katey Denno.

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