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Why Coworking Really Matters (Hint: It Has Nothing to Do With the Space)

My work involves helping people dig up their deep passions so they can express them in the world. When a client has just taken the leap from the corporate world, coworking spaces are the absolute first thing I recommend. They are a venue, a community and a culture—they are whatever you make them.

But even with the broad view that those of us immersed in the coworking world have, I think that when we talk about coworking, we often dance around the point—that at their deepest level, they can be containers and facilitators for our own self-realization.

While the specific community you choose is important, the space in which it’s contained is not what this revolution in work is about—it’s about the growing number of people who are able to live all of their passions and expression through their work and relationships.

There is sometimes a distancing that happens when it comes to work and work spaces in general—and even coworking spaces. We talk about their features: the wifi, the events, the coffee, and yes, the culture and communities.

Those things have varying levels of importance, but I think most important of all is that coworking is vital in supporting people who choose healthy, sustainable work they love. Coworking can help people truly come alive.

What if we looked at coworking this way—as an empowering space for growth, exploration and self-evolution?

I believe we need to shift the conversation from how much work we can get done in our space, to the kind of expansive, supportive, nourishing work we can do—the things that make us come alive, that represent our fullest expression—and use that awareness to catalyze soul-fulfilling projects within our coworking space.

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Keep Coworking Relevant + 8 Must-Visit Kansas City Restaurants & Cafes

I’ve thought about starting a coworking space many times, because it is the brick and mortar equivalent of what I believe can change the world—a community of people with strongly aligned value systems around creation, receptivity and sharing.

But in 2014, I believe we’re quickly approaching the time when, “I opened a coworking space!” will no longer be newsworthy in the eyes of journalists. In a lot of cities, we’re already there.

As coworking spaces become more ubiquitous, grand openings are only worth a mention if there is a greater purpose behind it.

Beyond the infrastructure, why does coworking matter in 2014? How can we make it matter?

I’m facilitating a panel at this year’s Global Coworking Conference to talk about newer, more compelling narratives that coworking space owners can develop—not only to stay relevant to the media, but also to be more attractive and valuable to prospective members.

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How to Write Anywhere (And Stop Treating Yourself Like Crap)


Coffee shops blaring reggae music.  Coworking spaces where everyone wants to talk to you. Airplane seats with prying-eye passengers. Oh, the woes of not-so-starving writers who drink single-origin espresso.

But, for as well as it seems we treat ourselves—yoga breaks, tea breaks, two-hour lunch breaks (I learned recently that “break” meant that you were technically supposed to be doing work before and after. Mind, blown)—we can be pretty shitty to ourselves when it comes to commitments, resentment and real honesty. As solopreneurs or freelancers or whatever we want to call ourselves, we sometimes treat ourselves with way less regard than we’d ever let a partner.

It’s time we stop being our own worst-nightmare boyfriend. Here’s how to recognize and conquer those tendencies, and also be the travel-friendly, modern entrepreneur you want to be—you know, one who actually gets work done.

And not only work, but a writer’s work—a craft that requires dropping into a soft, still space inside of ourselves from which to pull gems or ashes or weeds, depending on the day, even when someone is yelling, “Almond-milk cappuccino on the bar!”

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3.5 Tips to Be Productive While Traveling | Avocado Mornings #1

Now presenting my new media series: Avocado Mornings!

Some people need coffee. I need nature’s butter. These videos/audios are filled with tried-and-true tips, strategies and perhaps ridiculous fun things I can’t anticipate, all to help you (and me) live a more authentic, expansive life.

This week’s episode: I just got a lot of shit done while traveling for 2.5 weeks. Here’s how I did it. (Below, I list the bite-sized versions—watch the video for elaboration, bad lighting, various “um”s, and my shirt falling off).

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