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Manifesting Gifts & Parking Spots But Not Actual Money? Here’s How To Shift That

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Last year, I suffered from Parking Spot Syndrome.

Perhaps you’ve heard of it? If not, allow me to paint a picture for you—

Scene: New-Age hipsters drive to a trendy new spot with a conscious DJ and jun on tap—but wait! Where to park?

“It’s okay, we’ll manifest a parking spot!” one says. What does that mean? To some, it means actually visualizing someone leaving a prime spot, and holding that open space for their car.

It can also mean not a damn thing at all.

I’m not knocking using the Law of Attraction to secure a parking spot. But, if the “parking spot” vibration level is where you’re primarily utilizing your manifestation skill… what are you not using it on?

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The Ridiculously Simple Thing You Can Do to Double Your Income

The Ridiculously Simple Thing You Can Do To Double Your Income

It’s official: In January 2017, I’ve made more than double what I normally make in a month.

This means that I am… ::deep breath:: on track to make six figures this year.

(Close to. $98,832k, to be exact.)

How did I do this?

Did I work twice as much? Did I spend twice as much time answering emails? Did I have half as much free time playing with my love and my tarot cards?

No. I did one simple thing, and it made all the difference.

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Unveiling The “Live All of You” Interview Series

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For the last two years and change, I’ve been doing personal interviews with vibrant, successful entrepreneurs, creatives and independents who are living all of themselves in the world.

Aligned with their truth, these people are weaving magic in the universe, helping others and coming alive—every single day.

My specifications? I sought out people who are truly showing up and expressing their full, authentic selves—no matter how messy or shadowy—in the world.

Inspired by “The Way I Work and “How I Work” columns in Inc. and Lifehacker, the Live All of You Interview Series will focus on play/purpose integration and insight into what it means to live fully and attract what we deeply desire in life, work and love.

I believe that feeling fully expressed in our body, spirit and soul is the secret to living our greatest life. And these entrepreneurs, writers, teachers, coaches, explorers, and leaders prove it—every day.

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My Secret Niche Site: One Month in Progress Update!


On January 1, I started a secret niche site (Pat Flynn style!) and have been working on it pretty consistently.

I wanted to share more about it here, as it’s turning out to be a fun experiment in seeing how I can grow something without using any of my own social capital to share/promote it. It has grown only through organic traffic, white hat SEO, good honest content and new Twitter friends (it has its own Twitter account, but that’s all when it comes to social media).

It’s also an interesting case study in how someone completely unknown in the land of the Internet can start and grow an audience, engagement and a passive income stream without any prior contacts or connections.

About one month in, here’s an update:

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What gives our purchases meaning?


It’s Black Friday, and my partner and I have Apple fatigue. We purchased three Apple products online today, as gifts for ourselves and for others.

In dialogue through these transactions, we felt an eclectic mixture of tension, stress, excitement and guilt. I started to question my specific purchase and asked him for help. He brought up to me the idea of excess, which for me translates to not feeling worthy of things and learning how to receive—but for him, it was more a conversation of not wanting to buy anything he wouldn’t actively use for fear of “waste.”

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How Tiny Actions Can Shift You From “Settling” to “Worthy”

Since I was a little girl, I’ve had a tendency to deny help and stay uncomfortable for no apparent reason.

“Do you want a pillow? How can you sit like that?” my mom would ask as I watched TV on her bedroom floor.

“I’m fine!” I’d squeal. Buffy the Vampire Slayer had returned from commercial break and I was not to be disturbed.

My mom would frown and walk away, only to ask me again 15 minutes later (“No! Go away!“).

You see, I was on the floor leaning against her bed. Except, not the normal sides of a bed that one typically leans on. I was propping my torso against the edge of the foot of the bed, the corner where metal mattress frames go to poke at spines and injure shins.

During the hour-long show (and later, during Angel, Dawson’s Creek, Felicity…), I would shift the metal edge from one side of my spine to the other, back and forth, left to right.

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On Making Room for Possibility

I was talking with my friend Sylvia about the cozy, gorgeous, one-bedroom apartment on Pearl Street in Boulder that I want. It’s effectively double what I’ve ever paid for rent in my life.

I told her this, and then immediately remarked how if I didn’t get it, well, I had always wanted to travel during the Winter… which is true, and still mostly true. But I’ve been needing a nest so much more as I grow and expand. A mother home. A cocoon.

She replied that I need to believe I deserve it.


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On Clearing Out the Old: The Universe is Your First Responder

I’m not sure why I picked that particular moment—lying in the grass, sunshine ablaze on my eyelids—but I decided that this would be a great time to call Capital One.

I’ve been trying to clear out old shit (that’s the only word that applies) when it comes to money, to increase its attraction to me and my bank account. I’ve been wanting new writing/editing projects lately, and clearing out the old is a pretty good place to start when feeling stuck in the quicksand of broke.

I had been avoiding Capital One since April. That’s five months. Five months spent dreading the call, thinking I would have to muster up anger, self-righteousness, and immerse myself in the hard stance of: “Give me your higher up who can tell me yes!”

That’s such an unnatural state for me. I prefer bliss and harmony. I’m kind of a happy hippie.

I had been mysteriously collecting late fees, which was odd because I never use the card. What could the fees be on $0?

It has been a long time since high school, but I am pretty sure 0 x 0 = 0. Also, 0 \ 0 = 0. Other things like that. So, why was this different?

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