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Nov/Dec Challenge: 30 Days of Making (Complete)!

Taking a cue from Investigative Designer David Seah, I’ve decided to do a challenge of bringing one new creation into the world for 30 days.

Editor’s Note: I initially planned to do this every single day of November (including weekends), but due in part to the fact that I have 20-hour yoga teacher training weekends, I’m much better suited to do 30 weekdays. And so, I shift to welcome what feels right for me.

My intentional parameters:
  1. It must be or represent a tangible thing that can be reused, shared or enjoyed by myself and others. 
  2. It should unfurl from my authentic creative expression. (This could mean making a productivity sheet, or this could mean making a hula hoop.)
  3. It must offer value to myself/others, help me create more value (by automating a process, etc.) or help me sell something of value I’ve already created.


Often I share photos of my creations (likely on FacebookInstagram or Twitter tagged with #30daysofmaking). Let the creativity games begin!

My 30 Creations:

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Organize in Style: 6 Gorgeous Free To-Do Lists

I adore planning my week. I feel crafty when I do it; I’m molding my own time and space.

And while I use my iPhone calendar for events, sometimes nothing beats paper—for anything from small (or, as some call them in Boulder: “earthly”) maintenance tasks to bright, big-picture goals.

Here are a few of the quirkier to-do lists available, all free and organized here (so meta!) by factors of self-care, goals, time, day, and delegation potential:

1) Holistic Day Design Packet

Ok, ok… maaaybe I’m being a bit biased toward this one. :) This is a packet I created for myself, to help me get my shit together but still live from my center. Then people started asking if they could have them, so I started offering them!

Holistic Day Design is an intuitive productivity atlas that starts with you. The various sheets—to-dos, future planning, Pomodoro-style task sheets,  work happiness matrices and so much more—serve as maps, designed to help guide you through your day with your inner compass as the central guiding force.

Since this post is all about free, I will send you some free sample sheets if you’d like to test drive them!

2) Time-Specific

This vibrant daily schedule from Buttoned Up covers each hour of your day, for a task-centered list perfect for Pomodoro types. Yay! Colors!


Attention insomniacs: If you’re in the start-up scene, they made a 24-hour version, too!

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