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Apprenticing with Grief: Writing Poetry for Healing

A beautiful exercise I’m doing as I move through a period filled with dark nights of the soul is to take an evaluation of the work and creativity I want to bloom into.

While I find it close to impossible to focus on work, I can zero in on themes and topics that I STILL feel passionate about even when everything else is falling away—those are the true gems.

Those are the ideas, businesses and stories that stick with me at both (incredibly valuable) ends of my emotional spectrum: when I’m bubbling over with happiness AND when I’m doubled over with grief.

Those speak to my core values and what is meaningful to me in the world, no matter where I sit, bounce or writhe emotionally.

Do you know what those gems are for you?

One of mine might surprise you.

It’s: Writing poetry.

I’ve written a lot of poetry and poetic prose that I keep private. But now, as I’m feeling into an incredibly raw, vulnerable and alive state in my life, I’m being called to share some poems here.

Here is what Grief called me to write, for and through me:


What am I up to? cannot be answered
on the same planet on which
you asked.

I am becoming intimate
with the fabric and texture of

from its wild hair to its
tender belly, its raging waters
and swollen fires—

the dance of it in
every part of my body
every part
attracting her own healing

I am up to this,
to flying and floating and
falling in and out of every
hollow carving I made
inside myself

I am exploring them all
and look! I am finding
humming in the dark.

Why have you been hiding?
I ask them.

They quiver.

You put me here,
they tell me.
Can we come out now?
We have songs for you.

Yes, yes you can.

—Amy Segreti

How Writing is Similar to Worship, Influenced by Place, and Inseparable from Reading

This is excerpted from my induction interview as a Professional Member of the Boulder Writers’ Workshop. 

What kinds of writing projects are you working on? 

Amy Segreti:  I’m constantly working on a myriad of things. When I was younger, I didn’t finish as much as I started; now, I’m getting better at doing my work and keeping commitments.

I work with clients on writing/editing projects, everything from press releases to book-length pieces, to private company branding and messaging. I started a print magazine of longform journalism on place, palate and pleasure in 2012, then moved it online. I also write a lot of narrative nonfiction and what I call “passion journalism”—I love writing in an inspired way, whether that’s about my life or about someone who is sharing their passion with me.

Whether I’m writing a news story, personal poetry, or a food and travel article, the purpose I strive for is to be the conduit for a genuine connection between my subject and readers.

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