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How to Keep Your Fights Clean in Relationship

amy and tony wedding

Hey guys!

My partner, Tony, and I were recently featured on Raj and Gabrielle Sundra’s Relationship TV.

A snippet from our bio, for some backstory:

“Amy and Tony knew right away that the 1,800 miles between them from Brooklyn, NY and Boulder, CO wouldn’t be able to keep them apart. Like most of us, they hit some bumps along the way, but chose to study, learn and practice building the foundation of their relationship from a place of trust, inquiry and reverence for themselves and each other.”

The theme of our show is, “Keep the Fights Clean: DURING.”

We shared some of our tried-and-true practices for stopping a fight in its tracks and shifting back into a space of wonder, openness and receptivity. My Argument Diffuser box features prominently in this!

Check it out below.

And if you’re wanting any personal direction, perhaps my Conscious Partnership Development coaching is right for you.

Enjoy. :)