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Soothe Your Tax Fears: Shoeboxed (and Their “Magic Envelopes”) Saves the Day for Entrepreneurs

Tax time is coming up (I can’t bear to call it a “season”). :) And it’s safe to say I dislike doing taxes as much as (if not more than) the rest of us. Especially as an independent worker, it can be super confusing and difficult to figure out if I’m submitting correctly, if I’m accounting for everything, etc.

It can feel so overwhelming that some of us don’t even get around to doing our taxes (eep!).

Shoeboxed soothes these tax anxieties, and they’re a company I can get behind 100%. More than 1,000,000 businesses use Shoeboxed to scan and organize receipts and business cards, create expense reports, track mileage and more—all digitally! There’s a DIY plan, but for people who don’t even want to scan their own receipts in, Shoeboxed offers “magic envelopes” to mail in all your receipts so they can take care of everything for you.

Here are some of their listed benefits:

  • No more scanning or data entry: You’ll never waste another minute in front of a scanner or in an Excel spreadsheet
  • Maximize every reimbursement: Whether it’s a business trip or federal tax filing, every receipt is always at your fingertips
  • Submit from anywhere: Send documents in the mail, with your phone, via e-mail or right from your scanner or web browser
  • Export everywhere: Export to QuickBooks, Wave, Xero, Outright, Evernote, Excel and many more…
  • Your data is safe and secure: Shoeboxed uses 256-bit SSL security, the same as major US banks

I did a mini-interview with Mike Hourigan of Shoeboxed to find out how their platform can help us passionate workers and full-life-livers not feel so… taxed (yup, went there) around this time of year.

(And just for you: click this link or any link in this article to Shoeboxed, and Live All of You readers will receive 50% off their first two months after their free trial ends.) Sweet!

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