Tarot Reading With Amy

Hi there! You’ve found my secret tarot reading page.

Here’s a little background on how I use tarot in my own life in my morning routine, if you’re curious (plus you’ll find six of my favorite tarot decks)!

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Early raves & reviews:

My reading was so spot on! Amy was great: warm and loving, while being professional and direct. Also, I loved the follow-up photo of my spread! ❤
— Pearl S., Colorado

Amy was very thorough with her explanation of the cards. She made me feel comfortable discussing how the cards resonated with me. The followup questions to think about and the screenshot of the spread were also very useful! Her attention to detail in the presentation made it feel extra intimate. Even if the cards don’t make 100% sense to me at first, Amy is personable and patient enough to talk through the situation that the cards address.
—Stephanie K., New York

Well then! Let’s schedule you a reading, shall we?

How to book a reading with me:

Almost in-person (Skype or FaceTime video):

I currently do 20-minute online readings at a pay-what-you-can rate (ranging from $10-40, whatever you feel called to donate).

—–> Check my schedule and book a reading here. <—–
In-person (generally in Boulder/Denver, Colorado):

I do readings occasionally in cafés or restaurants downtown. I’ll put my upcoming schedule on this page (usually a 2-3 hour range of time that I’ll be at a certain location), but if there’s nothing here, please send me an email at liveallofyou (at) gmail referencing tarot readings, and we can schedule one together!

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