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I handcrafted my Holistic Day Design packet because although I’m super blessed to be a frequent-traveling solopreneur, I found it difficult to stay focused and really see my efforts through to their finish lines.

I hope these help you as much as they’ve helped me.

A mini-guide to your FREE sheets:

Project Tasks Sheet (click to download)

This a super task-oriented page that gives you a place to jot down every possible to-do, stroke of genius, and big idea that comes into your head! (And don’t they often try to distract us from our current work?) There are four sections:

  1. Big-picture projects: This is wide open space for you to ideate and listify as you see fit. Make it yours! Some things I’ve done with this space: Make a “Top 3 Priorities for the Day” list. Write down the 1-3 biggest project(s) you’re working on and 1-3 tasks underneath that need to get done. Ideate a new business idea. The possibilities are endless.
  2. Today tasks: Here is your classic to-do list! Go get ’em.
  3. Future tasks: You know when you remember something you forgot, or that you said you’d do, or you realize there’s a bill you’ll need to pay soon or a light fixture you need to replace, and it might not be today but you just don’t want to forget it? Dump that stuff here, and get back to the task at hand.
  4. Next big ideas: Finally, a place to put down those bursts of lightning for later evaluation!

Work Happiness Evaluation Matrix (click to download)

This is designed to help you check-in and, if necessary, overhaul the projects, work and clients you’re taking on.

Plot all of your current work along the value axis (either $$$ or high-value in another measure, like working with a great client who can refer you to dozens of others) and the feelings axis (how do you feel when you think about working on this project?).

After plotting your points, take a look at where they fall. Are the majority of them in the green zone? Great! Keep ’em going and think about similar projects you could do—or notice the pattern they all take (do they all have to do with graphic design? Hmm…). :)

Now take a look at the ones in the yellow zone. This is what I like to call the “Meh zone.” Really check in with yourself—why are you doing these projects? What can you do to shift these (maybe value your work more, or ask to work with a different point person, or ask to move a deadline)? This is the best zone to explore how you can shift your work to make you feel happier, more productive and more valued. What is it you’re needing in these projects to make you come alive that you’re not giving yourself?

Do we really even need to talk about the red zone? :) Stop doing these things! I know, I know, it’s not that easy… but allow yourself to gently inquire as to why this work is in your life, and ask how you can shift or stop doing it altogether.

Bonus: Sunday Night Planning Sheet (click to download)

This Sunday Night Planning Sheet is a simple sheet designed to give you a one-page portrait of your week with a sense of whimsy and intention.

It’s purposely minimalist; it’s designed in a brainstorm format, so you can jot down things you want to do on each day, in addition to tossing in some appointments you have on those days.

After the days, on the bottom are three boxes:

1) Top Priority: This is where you’ll put your number one priority for the week. Maybe it’s something you’ve been putting off, something you want to focus on, or something that you know will take many hours and are dreading (but you know you’ll feel good about it when it’s done).

2) To Keep in Mind: This space is for putting down good habits we’re building so we can see them in writing. Maybe you’d write something like: meditate, drink xx oz of water, yoga every day, journal, write what I’m grateful for, etc. This space is also good for tossing in everyday activities so you don’t fill up space on the specific days above. But ideally, you’d put here personal/creative activities that nourish you that might be hard to remember once you’re deep into weekly task-mode.

3) Important goals/tasks: Here’s where you put your other (secondary to the top priority, but still very important) 7 top tasks for the week. Note there is only space for 7: ideally what you write here will push you forward in your business/career/personal life. Read: don’t put things like “email Carl” in here (that’s for a daily task sheet), but maybe something like “revamp my About page.”


If you like these, you can buy the full packet (20+ unique “maps” and planning sheets) here.

Note: If you’d like to share these sheets with someone you know could use them, feel free! Just please don’t send them this page. Kindly direct them to sign up for my email list on my home page: liveallofyou.com. Thank you for respecting my work!

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