The Best Gifts to Buy Your Conscious Tech-Loving Friends

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Your Apple Watch-loving friends who go to men’s circles after a morning of Kundalini yoga and a day of pitching their start-up to investors can be hard to shop for.

Here’s what to get them that will satisfy their need to go deeper and tweet about it.

Best Conscious-Tech Gifts Under $50 (Seed Round Level)

Ganesha + OM iPhone Cases

Show your commitment to not letting obstacles get in your way with this Ganesha iPhone 6/6S case printed on Bamboo wood.

If you don’t understand that sentence and/or don’t like elephants, you can still show your commitment to spirituality every time you take a selfie with this OM Buddha Quote iPhone 6/6S case.

Texture Magazine App

textureWith the Texture app for iPad®, iPhone®, Android™ and Windows® 8 PCs and tablets, you can switch from Entrepreneur to Yoga Journal to INC Magazine to Real Simple in the blink of an eye.

Next Issue Media, the start-up behind Texture, is a joint venture formed by six leading publishers—Condé Nast, Hearst, Meredith, News Corp., Rogers Communications and Time Inc.

It bills itself as the “only digital reading experience that gives you an all-access pass to the world’s best magazines.” Topical, curated collections allow you to dive deeper into your interests (like meditation and venture capital).

Texture’s unlimited-access plans offer their entire catalog of magazines—including back issues—at $9.99 per month.

Magazines are also downloadable—perfect for your flight to your winter Costa Rica retreat.

Original Buddha Board

Way better than writing down your ideas in notebooks you’ll never open again, watch your content disappear on purpose with Buddha Board.

Don’t really want to start a new business but want to give your Monkey Mind the satisfaction of writing it down? Do it on here and you’ll never have to see it again!

Best Conscious-Tech Gifts Under $200 (Series A Level)

Spire Breathing Tracker


If a business mentor or online-business celebrity has convinced you that you should be improving everything about yourself at all times, you will love Spire.

Spire is a “wearable” that tracks your breathing to figure out when you’re calm, focused or tense, so you don’t have to.

Backed by seven years of research, the team behind Spire works with leading experts on the respiratory system, digital health and medical/wellness devices.

In a world of “go harder, move faster, walk more steps” fitness trackers and coaches, Spire is a welcome reminder of what your yoga teacher is always telling you—stay with the breath.

JayBird Bluetooth Workout Headphones

The JayBird BlueBuds X Sport Bluetooth Headphones are one of the most highly rated pair of headphones we’ve seen on less snarky gift guides.

Great for getting your triathlon training run in before recording your podcast (or, do them both at once)!

Best Conscious-Tech Gifts Under $500 (Series B Level)

Siesta4: Heat & Light Blocking Tent

siesta4 tent

People. This is my favorite thing on this list. When I saw this on Kickstarter (it’s already funded, calm down), I nearly spontaneously birthed a product to pay for it.

The Siesta four-person tent reflects infrared, visible and ultraviolet light—which means, you better have your Burning Man tickets ready, because you’ll wish you did. It’s also sparkly—like, Betabrand sparkly. You know what I’m talking about.

It is so cool, it is cooler than cool, and way cooler than your friends will be during your summer festival benders.

It can also come with fans if you’d like to spend more money.

Amethyst Crystal Biomat

Be the envy of everyone in your coworking space’s nap room.

This amethyst crystal mat (or “Biomat,” as those in the know might call it) is said to lower inflammation, heighten immunity and help with a multitude of chronic conditions using far infrared rays. The rays raise the body’s temperature 1 to 2°, inducing a false fever and creating a healing effect.

Perfect for a subset of the Conscious-Tech friend group—the Healer-Tech friend.

Best Conscious-Tech Gifts Under $2,000 (IPO Level)


If you are still reading this article, you’re probably also highly in favor of cleansing and detoxing. If so, the Rainbow is your answer to a home worthy of your most evolved Self.

Rainbow is the most high-tech vacuum you could dream of. It traps dirt, dust and particles in the water as you vacuum, whereas with regular vacuum’s particles can escape through the porous bags.

It’s an investment, but you’ll gain serious cleanse points in your friend group with this one.

Alkaline Ionized Water Machine

If you were intrigued by the Spire making your breathing better, you’ll love making your water better, too.

While there are a lot of ionized water machines out there, this one by Bawell is one of the few to have strong 5-star reviews on Amazon (and that matters, right?) while still being under $2k.

You can use the alkalizing functions for drinking, and the acidifying functions for cleaning and washing. You can also become an affiliate for them once you buy one—boom, another new business for you to start!

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