The Ridiculously Simple Thing You Can Do to Double Your Income

The Ridiculously Simple Thing You Can Do To Double Your Income

It’s official: In January 2017, I’ve made more than double what I normally make in a month.

This means that I am… ::deep breath:: on track to make six figures this year.

(Close to. $98,832k, to be exact.)

How did I do this?

Did I work twice as much? Did I spend twice as much time answering emails? Did I have half as much free time playing with my love and my tarot cards?

No. I did one simple thing, and it made all the difference.

I tracked my income.

What? That’s it? you might be thinking.

Yes, my dear moon-circle Nasty Women. That’s it.

Here’s the thing, straight from the Law of Attraction:

What you focus on expands.

What you focus on grows. What gets measured improves.

Before you start thinking this is about tracking your cents coming and going, our purpose here in income tracking isn’t accounting. This isn’t bookkeeping, y’all. You’re not tracking your expenses, because the purpose here is focus.

(Psst: This process is especially for you if you are incredibly good at manifesting something that you want—whatever it is, free travel, free products, food/wine, parking spots—because it means you are tapped in to what it feels like to attract something.)

When you track your income, you’re increasing your awareness around it.

This will cause you to notice and shift your behavior in slight, positive ways.

Plus, you’ll have the chance to actually celebrate and feel grateful for every little bit that’s coming in for you—and celebration for what we have is exactly what attracts more of it to you!

(Psst: A woman I’m learning from so much from in this space is Denise Duffield-Thomas, also known as Lucky Bitch, and she has a Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp that, if you’re looking for a fast-track with accountability and friends cheering you on, I highly recommend it!)

Also, disclaimer: This post makes my heart feel sticky to write, because I’ve not written about money in such a transparent way before—at least not from a positive perspective (oh, here’s an old post on me not having a dime, though).

I’m on this journey too—and certainly far from being an expert! But—here are 4 things I’ve learned (and am learning) along the way to doubling my income and making six figures this year:

1) Pick an income goal that feels ambitious but reachable.

I’m certain that my 2017 goal might not sound like a lot of money to some people—and it also might sound like a hell of a lot to others.

Here’s the thing: I could make my goal $10,000,000, but I’m not able to grasp that yet with my mind, heart and body. When I tap into how it feels in my body (and I definitely believe in harnessing your body wisdom), it still feels a bit numb.

We want your goal to feel electric: tingly, like an expansive possibility sitting in front of you, an unknown journey you’re about to undertake.

It might also feel scary, but it doesn’t feel light years away.

For me, that perfect reachable-but-ambitious goal is doubling my income from $40k/50k to $100k.

Tapping into this feeling and letting your breath make it even more expansive for you, especially when paired with the awareness that it is happening for you daily as long as you stay the path, is so powerful.

Speaking of daily awareness…

2) Track your income by the metric that feels most resonant to you.

I’ll be honest: $100,000 a year is a goal that’s hard for me to wrap my head around, and not entirely because of the amount—it’s the “year” part of it. I can’t envision the last quarter of the year yet (another thing I could work on, but I digress).

What’s a much easier goal for me to feel?

This is what $100k/year breaks down to:

$8,334 per month. $1,924 per week. $274 per day.

The goals that work the best for me are the latter three, particularly the Month and Day goals. The Month works well for tracking my income in a spreadsheet (before you doze off, keep reading and I’ll show you the most un-boring spreadsheet platform that exists!), and the Day goal works well for checking in to make sure I’m actually making money every day.

Oops, am I missing a few days? Time to hustle. Did I just land a $5k contract? I can now take an extra few days to relax (though I do like to keep ahead of my goal so I’m not experiencing anxiety later in the month).

What’s amazing about breaking down bigger goals into smaller ones is that you actually feel aligned with your bigger path as you successfully achieve each one.

You know what’s weird? When I finished January off at just barely below my goal, I already felt like I’d made 12 times that amount, or $98,832.

Did I? Heck no. (Um, I made $8,236.) But I felt like I did, because I’m on the path to doing so… which means that if I can feel it, I’m so much closer to making it a reality.

3) Track your income with a tool you enjoy seeing every day.

So, I tried this last year in 2016 using Google Spreadsheets.

I got to about March.

This year, I’m using a quirky, neat little cloud-based FREE platform called Airtable.

Airtable is so cute and functional I can hardly stand it. It’s got a bit of a learning curve, but it’s kind of like when you switch from Windows to Apple there’s a learning curve, but you don’t give a crap because it’s so beautiful and clean and functional.

The thing about Airtable that makes it amazing for income tracking is that you can tag where your money is coming from, so you can then have different views based on what you want to see.

Here’s an actual screenshot of some of my January 2017 income:

track your income for abundant manifesting

Notice that I tag CHANNELS and SOURCES of money. Why?

Take a look at rows 11 and 13. These are both through the same Channel, an online business I run for Airbnb hosts, but they are different sources of income—one is an advertising payment, and one is for a book I wrote. But this way, if I want to track what’s coming through this particular Channel, I can do so by simply filtering by that particular record.

Psst: If you don’t want to figure it out on your own, I created a replica of my own Airtable income sheet for you to copy and use right away! Access that here:

Get your income-tracking template:

When I do one-on-one coaching, I also note who I coached (obviously important!) and where we met up. This simply helps me remember the context of our meetup, because I’m a visual, place-oriented person.

The point?

Make a spreadsheet you love looking at, that makes sense to you, and use it every damn day.

Want to sync this into your day more to make sure you don’t forget? Add it to your morning routine (if you’re using my flourishing feminine morning routine E.N.J.O.Y., make it a part of your “O” so you can have it in your headspace when organizing your day).

4) Track every bit that comes in.

Birthday cash from your mom? Yep. Found $10 on the street? Put it in. Got $1 tip for a product you’re selling? Add it.

The point of this is to track all incoming actual money. This will help you celebrate your success (on the bottom right of Airtable, the SUM total is there for you to see, plain as day) and feel grateful for it… thereby helping you attract more of it.

Thanks for reading! I hope this has been helpful. <3 Find me over on Facebook for more (or sign up for my newsletter below).

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