Vibe Your Tribe: How to Know Who To Keep In Your Life (And Who To Release)

Do you know who your people are?

After a series of three divinely timed events in the past week, one of the messages I’ve felt coming through is this:

Be selective about who you spend time with. This energy you give should cycle through you, not drain from you.

For me, this feeling can be tracked in my body:

What does it feel like in your body when you’re with your people?

For me, this feels like: Expansion. Deeper breath. Inspiration. Excitement. Zinging. Dropped-in to my heart and soul. Presence. Sometimes, shyness, but in a way where I am feeling a desire to rise up to meet whatever superpower this person is representing to me.

What does it feel like in your body when you’re not with your people?

For me, this feels like: Contraction. Numbness. Disinterest. Laziness. A feeling as if there is something padded between me and the other/s. Complacence. Desire to run away from them and myself. Feeling unseen and unheard. Disassociation.

Checking in with these feelings is an amazing way to call in the people who truly support and love you—and can accept and receive your support and love.

In support of those who support you,


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