Want More Money? Stop Believing That it Requires Hard Work

Yesterday, I didn’t have a dime. Literally.

On my way back to Boulder after an incredible two-week stay in NYC, I needed 10 cents. Just that, for the bus. I hunted through three bookbags, two suitcases, and two small purses. Nothing. I remember seeing coins falling a lot when I was in New York, and never stopping to pick them up. I had nothing to make $2.40 into $2.50.

The thing was, I had already been falling into poverty mindset fears on the plane ride back. And now this—my awareness showing it to me blatantly in the physical world. I would have laughed, if it weren’t freezing cold and raining.

Eventually, I asked someone, who gave it to me. But this didn’t stop me from meditating on how my fearful, “I don’t have enough!” thoughts on the plane showed up as a laughable reflection in reality.

I feel called to continue creating and sharing, but sometimes I feel an incredible tightness around my funds.

Then today, as I was preparing to tackle my financial situation head on (because you need the woo-woo, but you also need the work), I opened a hand-written letter from U.S. Airlines. It offered me two round-trip plane rides. Suspicious but intrigued, I called the phone number listed. And yes, they shall be mine, in addition to a two-night hotel stay wherever I choose to fly in the U.S. I have to attend a travel agency meeting of course, but I’ve done these things before, and they’re great travel hacks.

So, to reflect: Yesterday, no dime. Today, two round-trip plane tickets and two nights in a hotel. Money, and things that “should” cost money, and lack and abundance, all circling around me.

In light of this, I am offering to you some wisdom derived from my own experience, in addition to some help from Esther and Jerry Hicks (because, as I walked into my coworking space this morning, sitting at the exact spot where I like to work was a deck of cards entitled, “Money and the Law of Attraction.” Of course.)

1) A shortage or lack of money is entirely your perception.

I have friends who think that having $10,000 in the bank is a stressful situation; for others, they have to get down to $10 to feel a serious cause for alarm. If this comes up for you, it’s not about the numbers.

Try to shift your attention to the things that make you feel expansive—because that feeling and sense of alignment is what will allow shifts to come into all areas of your life—including finances.

2) You don’t need to have money to attract money.

You don’t need to have it—but you cannot feel poor and attract money. Shift your attention to your feelings and the stories you’re telling yourself.

Money is simply energy—the energy that we identify with more than anything else in this world as a source of “evil,” “happiness,” etc. You want your energy to be clear, rich, positive, abundant—because that’s the energy that will multiply.

3) Financial success does not require hard work.

Ok, put your weapons down. This is a tough one.

Henry Ford once said:

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t—you’re right.

It’s so true. If you think something requires hard work, it will definitely require hard work—guaranteed.

This is not to say that work isn’t helpful—it’s incredibly beneficial to channel your intention through work, so the universe can see where you’re putting your energy and give to you tenfold.

But you cannot continually engage in negative thoughts around money and just make up for it in hard work. You have to align your thoughts as well as your actions.

Have you thought about your own beliefs around money and how they limit/expand you? I’d love to hear from you. Send your thoughts to me on Twitter (I’ll definitely respond), or check out my 9-day course on manifesting, where we can journey together into this uncomfortable yet necessary world of clearing blocks to allow abundance to flow in our lives. Until then!

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