I’m blessed to be able to run workshops all over the world helping people with their crafts and being a helping hand from self-inquiry to self-expression. Some workshops I love to run multiple times in different places, because they’re energizing and revitalizing to myself and the participants. The following are just some of these.

If you want to make any of these happen where you’re based, email me at liveallofyou @ gmail and we’ll make it happen!

2015/2016 Workshop Offerings:

Conscious Writing, Editing and Publishing: An Inspired Workshop Weekend

Spend your time with fellow writers and editors over a single weekend at this three-part workshop series over wine, tea and coffee.

This workshop was first offered in Boulder. Split into three carefully designed segments, attendees will be guided through three stages:

  1. inspired writing and creation
  2. editing that keeps your artistry intact
  3. marketing/publishing your work from an intentional place
1) Writing: Friday, 3 hours

Stage: Creation, inspiration, writing
Ambiance: Contemplative, spiritual, artistic, inspired, beginning cycle
Beverage: Wine

2) Editing: Saturday, 3 hours

Stage: Editing for a reader, logical/analytical mind, respect for your muse
Ambiance: Flowing water, gentle noises, focused, centered, rational mind
Beverage: Tea

3) Publishing: Sunday, 3 hours

Stage: How to promote/market intentionally, social sharing, getting published
Ambiance: Bustling, stimulated, motivational, determined, finishing cycle
Beverage: Coffee

If you’ve been feeling blocked, or there’s something you’ve been dying to write and you haven’t made time for it, let yourself be guided finishing your work in the presence of community.

I’m available to run this weekend workshop anywhere, anytime we agree on. Email me at liveallofyou (at) gmail to set things up!

Get Shit Done and Still Go to Yoga: Productivity for Holistic Entrepreneurs

Whether you call it your “passion project” or your career, you know you need to do the work. You know how important it is to follow through with high-powered motivation and drive—but you still want to be able to sustain the holistic, nurturing aspects of your life.

How can you do both?

By knowing yourself and trusting your inner compass.

At this holistic productivity workshop, I’ll show you how to craft your day from the inside out!

This workshop is fabulous for you if:

  • you already work for yourself (or want to) but find it hard to stick to a schedule
  • you struggle with finding the time for your loved ones, pleasure, play
  • you want to get shit done and feel productive—but you want to do it all while maintaining time for the things that really matter

Join me for an electric workshop that will get you ready to conquer your resistance by teaching you how to weave your unique self into your daily rhythm.

You will receive guidelines, blueprints and tangible worksheets to help you design a schedule that really works for you—the complete, authentic you who will love how you live, every day.

I’ve done this workshop in many forms, such as:

  • a three-hour workshop merging holistic ideas in self-management with motivation in groups (often co-taught with a coworking leader)
  • a one-hour intimate workshop in a coworking space
  • a one-hour conference presentation in front of hundreds of women
    • note: to hire me for public speaking engagements, head here

If anything here resonates or if you have ideas on how we can work together, email me at liveallofyou @ gmail and I am happy to discuss.

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