Writer’s Block? Try This Lit-Erotic Experiment (Soul-Drop Almost Guaranteed)

Lately, I’ve been choosing a single song to play on repeat during my poetry or prose writing.

The song I choose is always one that gives me some sense of emotional/sensational yearning.

Then, I loop it. And write. For one or even two hours.

Looping in this way has the effect of creating a paradoxical meditative-heightened state.

I can get so far into flow with my writing that I cannot tell where the song begins and ends.

I start to feel like I’m writing from *inside* of the song. It becomes a part of my physical space. My trusted container.

I’m never slightly jarred out of my flow by a song changing from one to another. Instead, I’m kept floating inside of a song that has intense emotional resonance yet getting familiar with it for hours… and, creating from that space of tension.

Songs I’ve been using for this:
  • Technicolor Beat by Oh Wonder
  • Highway to the Stars by Kai Engel
  • Hunger of the Pine by Alt-J
  • Breath by Pluto & Ye

The latter two have the lovely happenstance of ending exactly the same way they began, so the looping effect is pronounced.

Is this something you’ve tried? Is it something you now want to try? ;)

I’ll add: There’s a bit of discomfort here as well—I notice that I have these sudden moments where I really want to change the freaking song.

But to me, this is a delicious kind of musical edge-play.

(I just realized that there are a lot of similarities here to sub space. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry about it.) :)

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