You’re Committed to What You’re Getting: Making New Agreements

I’m deep into leading my Manifest Like a Mofo group, and today we’re hitting on one of the hardest themes: taking responsibility for how you create your life.

When I read this in Conscious Loving (one of my bibles for life) by Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, it floored me:

It’s simple to find out what you’re committed to—just look at the results you’re creating.

Gay elaborates on this in Conscious Living: He says that every time we’re faced with a choice, we can either take healthy responsibility or blame someone or something else. Each time we avoid responsibility, we claim victimhood.

Being a victim means we have no choice, we’re not in control, and we aren’t choosing our moments.

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The idea that we choose our reality is an intense concept to step into if you haven’t been here before (and even if you have). It can bring up a lot of denial, fear, self-righteousness and anger.

Gay continues:

Start a conversation with, ‘Isn’t it great how easy our lives become once we take responsibility for them?‘ Be prepared for a stampede of people backpedaling away from you. It takes courage to move beyond defensiveness to a heartfelt inquiry into conscious living.

From here, we learn how to make new agreements, with ourselves and with the universe (or whatever higher power you resonate most with—or simply, our higher selves).

This can be a hard pill to swallow: We’re committed to what we’re getting. The beautiful thing is that when we truly believe that, we can make life very simple.

When we realize that the way life is right now is the way we want it (often crafted from an unconscious place), we can unfurl a powerful force that inspires us to make new commitments that empower, enliven and enlighten us.

Now, it’s your turn.

Choose one:

I, __________, commit to living my life from a place of responsibility, knowing that I can choose to be expansive, thriving, successful, loved, and free, and live purposefully with consciousness and awareness.

I, __________, commit to living my life from a place of woundedness, knowing that I can blame others and my past for my misfortune, and live comfortably in victimhood and half-hearted intention.

So many people unconsciously pick the latter, every day.

Every moment you can make this choice. Choose wisely. :)

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